Spring Cleaning…Goddess style

3623-butterflies-1920x1080-animal-wallpaper  Yay!!  The weather is warming up, my backyard forest is blooming, my bunnies are outside…and there`s no more excuses for going for a walk and being lazy! Hey..wait a sec!!  We have another addition to our family. His name is Dexter and he`s a big floppy baby of a cockapoo.  Tyrell was missing having a big dog around (our little cat sized purse dogs aren`t very boyish or cool) so I surprised him for his birthday with another best friend.   He`s such a good boy and the perfect addition to my busy lair!

I`m always so motivated in the spring.  It`s a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and the dreaded spring cleaning..yuck!! And of course, I can never do anything gradually, I jump right in. No time to waste, plus I love decorating and doing things to my house. A Libra`s obsession!

     I`m so excited to have done a total redecorate on  my blog.  I LOVE it!!  I`ve been so tired lately because of all the changes going on in  my life, I thought that decorating (a Libra`s dream come true) would slap me out of the change slump. There`s so much going on.  My daughter is graduating grade 8 (omg can you say expensive!!!), my workplace is going through a total restaffing and work flow change that will take effect in a few weeks, I`m going in for a wonderful female surgery soon, which I will definitely blog about in a few weeks, my baby just turned 10, and my relationship is moving forward which is a little scary but fabulous…and the list goes on. So I thought a big round of outer artistic expression in my environment would be a good positive distraction from all the hoopla. And some awesome shopping…of course!!

So, I redecorated my bedroom. Love my new goddess lair. It`s hot, girly, and chic. Just how I like it.  I actually found the wallpaper at Home Depot and got my paint at Canadian Tire. Love it. I need to get some rods to put up my sexy black sheer drapes, but that`ll come in the next week or two. My diva daughter painted her room a hot bubble gum pink with lime green drapes and a quilt to match. I love it! It`s very flirty and fun and suits her bubbly personality. My son`s room is going to be painted in the next week or so. Blue…of course…what every boy wants, and more sports stuff.

I found this really mod wallpaper at Home Depot and papered my wall in my kitchen-dining area. I love it. It adds that bit of fun and movement that my first floor needed.  I love the rustic mod look. And this just makes the first floor pop. Love it…can`t stop lookin at it!  And what puts the cherry on your decorating extravaganza but a girls night shop and sip night!  So I had some ladies over for some wine and sold some great Urban Goddess purses and accessories. It was a success!!

So next time you feel slumpy and poopy from your winter blues, or you`re going through a tough time with change, add something new and bright to your environment.  It works wonders.  Even if its just something small like a picture, or a new vase, it`ll surly pick up your mood and help get you in the spring `cleaning` spirit!!


Our new big baby Dexter

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