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     Last night I went for a tea and card reading with Michelle.  Loved it! She is this little pixie of a kindred spirit with crazy hair.  Very cute.

     I haven’t gone for a reading in a few years because I haven’t had a need to.  I usually know what is going on with my life and if not I ask and I’m shown.  Usually through feelings, dreams, visions, info from other sources in my environment, and a pile of a-ha moments that feel like I was slapped in the head like a V8 commercial. lol!

     I usually feel the need for a reading for reassurance.  To make sure I’m on the right track.  To make sure my intuition is right and I’m in alignment with my higher good.  As with all people, I do have insecurities  hooks, and make emotional decisions based on old comforting habits (food, shopping, enabling etc..) and even though those rest in the back ground for the most part, they are still there.

    I’ve been putting this one off for a while.  Then I got approved for a mortgage and I became obsessed with the MLS listings. lol! I would like to own my own house again just because it’s mine and I can do what I want with it.  I love my house and neighborhood at the moment and so do my kids so I’m not in a hurry to move but I REALLY wanted to know if and when buying a house is in my future or a good idea.  I also wanted to know if I was buying with my boyfriend or by myself.  To be honest, I didn’t really want anyone’s name on my home or on any of my stuff for that matter.  The old me would have jumped on it because my insecure self didn’t think I could do it on my own and I needed someone to do it with me.  Well not no more! I really just want to do this on my own and with maybe a side cheering squad! lol. In cute outfits…

     And I wanted to know what the deal is with my man half.  He’s great and is very good to me and we just “go together” but what is the deal with the chronic bachelor syndrome!? (which is funny because I’ve become a chronic lone den mother on a mission of self fulfillment and do it myselfness)

OK so here was my reading (drum roll please…)

   It began with the standard picking of the cup.  I chose the “money cup”(randomly out of a choice of 12 cups, the cup was a subconscious choice) and the reading began.  When I was done drinking the tea I turned the cup over and spun it 3 times.  She took it. And read it. Most of my personal info I’ve heard in many readings by different people.

The tea cup…

I will live to be a very old lady. VERY old she said and will see great grandchildren.
I am healthy and my energy is very good and strong.  My chakras are in alignment and my kundelini is good.
(this is good because for a while a few years ago I was out of alignment a lot and would come out in my readings, also I used to be surrounded by negative male energy and false friends. Not no more!!)
I will always be comfortable and never worry about money. I’m always taken care of.
I have great friends and people like my company because of my bubbly personality.
Right now is a great time for purchases   I will get what I want and whatever goals and wants I have I will reach and get.  She saw a very big purchase very soon and it was a good move.
I’m moving to a new home and I will love it.  It’ll be a good move and I will stay there for a long time. (go figure!)
The man in my life was very good for me and loves me very much. He’s not going anywhere. (wow!) And he is bonding well with my kids.(true)She said he’s a keeper.
I’m not destined to be alone and she said that Andre is here for the long haul (wheew! I’m nervous)

Now it got to the nitty gritty…I picked a deck and she began the card reading.

My mother is sick and unhappy and has blood issues (maybe clot) she will have to change her lifestyle, no red meat and more veg. She will have to stay on her meds and deal with stress better (she really needs to retire and get a new doctor) and Michelle said that she will make the changes.

Moving kept coming up and she said that I won’t be in my house for long.  I will move and I will be in my next home for a while.  It’s a great move and I’ll enjoy making this house my home.  It also kept coming up a marriage or common law with Andre, like about 6 times.  A contract signed. We will share one roof and be a family. Sooner or later.(hhmmm…)

I have a lot of male admirers.(yes, men are easy but also sleazy) There is a man from my past that thinks about me all the time and one that is making advances towards me presently. I like the attention but I’m an honest and faithful person and have no interest in others (very true men stink and are presently a waste of time and only good for some good compliments and flattery) The one from the past is probably my ex. She said that this man is angry.

Mikaela was all over my cards needing an emergency talk and boy guidance to put it in a nutshell.  There’s an aggressive little boy spirit that really wants to manifest her as his mom and we need to put this off until the time is right. She hasn’t had sex but be very careful when she starts to get curious. Don’t wanna be a teen mom. (Wow! boy am I on that one!!) She will go to college and do well and have 2 children. Boy and girl.

Tyrell is quiet and it still bugs him that his dad left him. (yes) He’s mad because he doesn’t even give us a penny to help his children.  Tyrell holds things inside and I need to always talk to him and get him to express his feelings(yep).  He loves his mom and is afraid of disappointing her so he needs lots of love you’s and positive reinforcement (all the time). I need to tell him that his dad is sick and stupid and it has nothing do do with you.  He loves money and will be very successful at his career.  He will have children also.

Both my kids will be married. Both will have kids and both will receive a lot of attention from the opposite sex. (That’s the family charisma for ya!We gotta beat em off with a stick! lol!)

Andre is stressed out with work. He won’t be retiring soon (or ever). He’s very happy and loves me very much. He’s been in bad relationships in the past and I’m like a breath of fresh air to him (now that’s funny, no one has ever called me that lol! more like a goof ball in a cracker jack box! lol!) He’s conflicted with his fear of comittment (because he’s afraid of divorce and loss) and his fear of losing me. ( I knew that) He is at the point where he is bonding with my kids and likes the family but fear pulls him back. Andre is an honest good man and he’s not going anywhere.  Michelle said that we will be under one roof and he’s it.  We are on the same wave length and a good match. She said to bug him for a ring. lol! He came up at least 6 times. She always went on about how he loves me. (yes he’s smitten)

My workplace is toxic. (duh!) There will be more budget cuts but I will be secure there.  I am well liked at my workplace and I bring a smile to my co workers and residents.  There is someone there who drives me nuts and I will have to set boundaries with them again. All in all she said that this is a good field for me and doesn’t see me going anywhere. Always be aware and conscientious of your work habits because they are looking to slim down staff.

There’s a woman I severed ties with recently(in the past year). She is envious of me and very negative. Michelle said that she regrets judging me wrong and is thinking of apologizing. (I would hope so but don’t expect it) I won’t accept the invite of friendship because of the original insult and she’s not good for me anyway.

I will never see child support. My ex is an addict of some sort at the present and it’s better that he’s not in the picture. He’s a loser. (no way!)

My brother just got married and his marriage will be turbulent.  She saw a baby coming which I hope not because the child will be doomed! So I cringed.

My dad doesn’t’ like my bro’s wife (he does now so I don’t know about this one) and he’s concerned. And my dad didn’t really come up any more in my reading.

Me living a long time into very old bat-hood came up several times. lol! And lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Very exciting!! Andre came up a lot and Mikaela dominated the whole first half of the spread! Lol! buying a house is definitely a go forward and doing it myself is great also but Andre will be moving in because he’s not going anywhere.

     So all in all I loved my reading.  I got greater insite into my family, job, myself and relationship and all was really positive! I had a great time and of course a reading is at that moment in time on that energy at that time and we have free will so of course things can change. We always have the control over our choices and outcomes in life.  So I will continue to set some house buying goals, I will have a talk with my daughter about her being safe and being smart.  I will continue to reassure and love my Tyrell and I will love and poke fun at Andre.  My committed non committal wonderful man friend.  And yes I told him Michelle said put a ring on it dummy. Too funny. Honestly I don’t want to be married again yet.  And being engaged would just make me a nervous wreck right now. I just love the jewellery. And big sparkly ones are very pretty. lol! And I will continue to smile at work and appreciate my job.

Life is good! I’ve created it and will enjoy livin it!!

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