New Year New Moon Manifesting – May the crap be gone!!

Happy Girl Clip Art     This new year has had a bump in the road for me but so far it has been only a small bump.  Sometimes I cringe when old junk surfaces or I have a new situation that brings out something that was buried nice and neatly in my psyche.  In the past I had a lot to overcome so the road to healing was often times rocky and unpleasant and real inner peace was just something I hoped for eventually.

     So when I was bombarded with negative feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, and found myself wanting to distract myself and just hide or go on a big shopping binge, I knew I needed to dig down and pull out what was causing me this craziness.

     When I’m feeling “weird” or am going through a reactive period, I usually start by weeding out some more simple causes for feeling imbalanced.  First of all I cleanse my aura by smudging my environment and doing a meditation or prayer with some selenite. I use my crystal and a wand for sweeping the energy around my body.  Then I take a bath with sea salts to help detox. Usually that works.  If it’s a deeper problem coming from an unresolved issue it WILL come up again.


    The next time I was reacting inappropriately to a situation at hand, I rode through it.  I know that many spiritual people preach happiness and inner peace all the time. “Push the negative away! Replace that thought with a good one!” That’s fine if you are doing cognitive restructuring behavioral therapy.  It works and there are so many benefits to doing it, but to identify and acknowledge an issue that you need to heal, you have to respect and acknowledge the message you are being given, even if it makes you feel rotten and hurts like hell.
     So I sat with it. I picked it apart and asked myself why do I feel this way? What is really going on? Where in the past have I felt like this? Well with this one I couldn’t dig deep enough, I was stumped! So I set out and ASKED for the answer.  When you ask, you will always receive   I’ve always been blessed with receiving answers to prayers, and questions regarding people, situations, etc..  So I took advantage of the New Moon and a few days before I asked for my guides, god, and my higher self to show me what the issue was. The next morning I was awakened by a dream of being abandoned and left by myself, frightened, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


      When I woke up memories of when my parents divorced and I was living with my dad emerged.  My dad has always been there for me, but was he really? We all need to hold at least one of our parents in a good light it seems when it comes to surviving childhood trauma, and if not our subconscious seems to trick us into making excuses to cover for the parents mistakes or shortcomings. (The beginning of enabling behavior) That was it!! The big unveiling!  I needed to acknowledge how some of my fathers actions had an extremely negative impact on my life. When I was going through some tough teen years, I was tossed around like a hot potato since back 25 years ago people weren’t as knowledgeable or open minded when it came to behavioral issues in kids. My father at the time had so much stress and issues on his plate he wasn’t fully there even though he tried his best. From recovering from a bad abusive marriage to dating horrible women, he had his plate full with his own junk.  There’s a lot more to the dad story but you see the picture.


     So I didn’t run. I realized that this is the answer.  I thanked god and my guides and asked them for guidance in my healing process.  They had already been working in the background guiding me to my favorite healing store where I had purchased a white seven day candle I was planning to use for good health, an emotional balance candle, and some sage and cleansing incense.   The New Moon was perfect.  It packs a punch to whatever you want to bring into your life.  Whether it’s a new project, a new way of living, or to attract wealth, the New Moon is the way to go!

     My first step was to greet and thank my experience.  It’s my life and I went through that crap for a reason but the hurt and pain is no longer useful to my present life.  I cleansed my space with sage and created an energy circle to work in.  I anointed my 7 day candle with healing oil and lit it. I arranged several crystals to promote protection, healing, and mending of my heart. I lit my emotional stability candle and lit some witches brew incense to pack a power punch.

     I was first drawn to a letting go meditation from the Deepak Chopra web site.  He has some wonderful guided meditations and they are free.  I did the meditation and focused on letting go of the hurt and pain from my situation.  I then thanked my guides again for showing me what I needed to heal and sent a prayer of forgiveness and healing to my dad.

Emotional Balance (Water) Blessed Herbal Candle     Next I focused on healing.  I envisioned what peace and happiness look like and filled myself up with the emotions of love, peace, healing, and god’s healing white light. With that I thanked my guides for coming and helping me heal and dismissed them from my ceremony.  I released any excess energy in the form of healing energy sent to my family and friends.

    Visualization is your key to success in all healing work. When you see with your minds eye and feel the feelings of the experience, it’s that energy that goes out and works at bringing you back what you have put forth.  That’s the secret in making your dreams come true or getting your prayers answered.

     Have I seen results?? Yes I have.  I’m still burning my 7 day candle and I forgot a day at the beginning  but I feel better. Will this issue be triggered again? Absolutely! Issues don’t disappear once let go, there is always the “test” to see what you will do with this junk next time.  The good thing is that when the same issue comes up again it won’t be such a big deal and it won’t have such a hold on your situation.  You will just acknowledge it, switch your energy, let go of the old, and fill that space with warm loving energy. This is the time where the cognitive therapy fits in.  Replacing self-defeating thoughts with positive constructive thoughts are a must if we want to heal.  Sometimes it won’t be that simple but you get it.

     Always be proactive.  You have to be good to yourself, and that means eating well, exercising, and taking extra supplements if needed.  I have high blood pressure and I have to make sure I eat a diet low in salt and I take my medication every day.  I also have depression so I make sure I take extra supplements in the winter and make myself get out of the house and socialize. I also spend more time meditating and focusing on doing good for others.  You can’t just wait around for answers, you have to work towards them and be proactive.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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