Ouija Board and my Boo Boo

Tyrell rushes in the door after school.  “Mooommm…..I need to talk to you…”  Oh boy!  What happened now I thought and I think blurted out of my mouth.  A number of things popped into my head from saying something inappropriate to hitting someone by accident to re-spraining his finger.

Turns out tImagehis little girl made a Ouija board out of a piece of paper and decided to ask it some questions.  When the thing moved she freaked out, I guess super freaked and so now Tyrell, his friend, the friends sister, and this girl are all scared something bad will happen.  Tyrell was breathless.  “Don’t tell anyone!” he made me promise.

Here’s the thing.  I’ve HEARD about people’s experiences with the Ouija in high school and beyond, but I have never played with one myself and It’s not on my to do list…ever.  Does it scare me?  No. I just know about other dementions and the beings that hang around and I don’t want to have any of those beings as guests in my space.  My choice.

So here’s my boo boo, afraid that a ghost has followed him home.  You have to understand, that when he was smaller, he used to see “things” and “stuff” and some of the “stuff” was scary.  He also talked about his spirit guides and the passe of angels that he had around him all the time and would describe them to me in detail.  Back then it freaked me out a bit (I used to think “oh my god! I’m a single mom AND my son is schizo too!? Yes…I’m horrible..)  but I would just smile and say how cool it was. He was very protected.  The bad and creepy things….that’s what he was worried about now.

So I grabbed the sage and lit it up and we did an aura cleanse and reminded him just to clear his personal space and energy and put up his circle of protection.  I also told him that he can teach others about being “smart” when it comes to spiritual things and not being so totally open.

He felt sooo much better and called his friend to talk about it and I guess everyone was OK after all.  WHEW!! Lol! Kids! Never a dull moment!  And in my house the abnormal always seems pretty normal so this wasn’t really a big deal after all.

Here’s some interesting links on the Ouija Board.




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4 thoughts on “Ouija Board and my Boo Boo

  1. Good post, we actually live in a house that’s around 100 years old and I have lived here around 14 years, every one in the household has had some type of “situation” and we are all convinced we are not alone in our dwelling. No one is ever allowed to bring a oija board in, turn off the lights and look into a mirror and say the bloody mary thing, never allowed to take photos in the dark or run a video camera in the dark to try and “capture” the image.
    My husband and I have had some very odd things happen and we just talk (out loud) to whomever is with us in a nice manner and we never ask he, she or them to get out, we always tell them they are welcome here with us as long as they behave. So far so good.
    Over the years all of my coworkers and the rest of the family has heard our tales from the house, and my husband even thinks, no, he knows, the being is a small girl. He is disabled and is here all day alone and has had many eerie things happen, but I tell him never to worry because we have to live together in harmony.
    A few years ago we put new carpeting in our house and when we removed the old, under our dining room table there was this HUGE red mark, so of course the kids saw it and instantly thought of a crime scene, but I have know idea what the mark was, but we covered it up with a completely new subfloor and called it a day.
    I know at this point you are thinking I’m weird, but who really out there knows that ghosts or spirits don’t exist….our spirit or whatever it is, is nice and no signs of any of the bad kind.


    1. Wow! That’s a great story…and creepy! Sounds like you’re doing the right thing and who ever your spiritual house guest is is behaved for the most part. Telling them to leave is a simple and effective method. The big red mark is interesting! Have you ever looked up the history of your home? You might find out some answers to what happened and who your ghost is. Very Cool!


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