Andre’s Haunted Restaurant…Yikes!!!

pp_061211_missPereguines-460x272    Andre and I have been together for over 3 years now.  During this time he has had some pretty interesting and somewhat freaky stories about his restaurant after hours.  And some about his deceased Pipi, who seems to be his number one fan from the other side!

Hang on to your seat!

When he has worked late and closed the bar he has seen a little girl skipping around.  She’s wearing a white dress and doesn’t seem bothered by anything. She’s just skipping along having a good ol time!  Before we met he saw her a few times and since only once.  He’s not working past closing anymore so I wonder if she is still hanging out!  Of course I asked him if he has asked her who she is and why she’s there and he didn’t know you can do that.  If he ever see’s her again he says he will try to communicate with her and fill me in.

Sooooo coool!!!

About six months ago Andre went into work in the morning, as he does every day, and his cleaning guy was looking a bit weird.  Andre was talking to him and finally asked him if something was wrong and he proceeded to tell him this crazy story…..

He was moping the floor…the bathrooms and then the hallway, making his way up to the front dining area. All of a sudden, he slide1heard some scuffling noise in the women’s bathroom.  This scared him because there was no one else in the building.  He walked in the bathroom and checked it out and he saw footprints…bare feet ones…on the wet floor.   Yikes!!!  Freaked out he ran out and after a few minutes continued his cleaning routine because morning was fast approaching.  He then heard more noise coming from the bathroom.  This time it was the paper towel dispenser.  He reluctantly went to check it out and…behold…there was a stream of paper towels someone (or something) had flicked out of the holder.


ghost hand touching this unsuspecting mom

     Really freaked out he ran out and composed himself and finished his cleaning.  He was still there when Andre arrived at work since this funny guy from the other side decided to play around with him all night. Lol!

    The funny ghost still resides in the restaurant.  He still plays with the paper towel dispenser at night and tries to scare his cleaning guy.  I think he’s used to him now but Andre says he’s still freaked a bit!


     Andre talks about his Pipi quite often.  He loved his Pipi and I think he was his favorite.  Since his passing Andre has told me that he knows that his pipi is around him still.  He came up in a visit he has with a medium two years ago.  The medium also told him that he has a big spiritual fan club cheering for him.  He has lots of guides and his main one at the time was his Pipi.  Neat-O!!!

     I think that his Pipi is in his apartment sometimes….when I’m there…

     One time when I stayed over(which is not very often) his light went on in the middle of the night.  Weird. We were both sleeping.  The last time I stayed over on fireworks night, I was trying to fall asleep and something touched me on the face.  Not a poke, a slow, smeary touch. Like someone was drawing their finger down my face. I don’t get freaked out over stuff like that because i’m always asking my guides for guidance (but not to feel me!! lol!) I roll over and a few minutes later I felt the same touch but it was on my sageshoulder.  OK!!! Stop it!! I called out to Andre and told him to tell his ghostly roommate to stop touching me.  I was tired and he needed to cut it out! Well he did.  Lol!

Too Much!!

     Always remember that we are not the only creatures in the universe.  We share space with many other beings in many dimensions.  If you have concerns with an other world beings, usually you just have to tell them to leave.  It’s that simple.  If you have concerns about negative beings or energy saying a prayer and telling them to leave usually works.  Burning sage is also helpful. This ancient remedy raises the energy and clears out negative vibratory beings.

    Happy hauntings goddess peeps!!!


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