Reiki for your Pet


I have a lot of pets.  Three dogs and five cats to be exact!  They all love Reiki, especially the cats.  They can’t get enough of my Reiki room, and love lying on my massage bed.  I’ve given Reiki to our new pup Molly.  She has a sensitive stomach and we have had to change her food to a grain free one.  She wasn’t sleeping well due to her tummy and we found that giving her a treatment before bed helped her sleep and she had no accidents.

chewy & Dexter

Animals respond very well to Reiki, and just like humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses, injuries and emotional problems. Reiki can accelerate the healing process of animals, ease pain, and improve or help to continue their quality of life.

The healing principles of Reiki are the same whether you are treating a family member, your neighbor, a complete stranger, or an animal. The Reiki energy flows just the same in all cases. Animal anatomy is very similar to human anatomy, so you can usually judge hand positions fairly easily if you are trying to treat specific organs.

It is very unusual to encounter an animal who will not readily accept Reiki. In addition, they usually show you by their body positions where to place your hands; be aware of how they turn their body towards your hands.

For healthy animals, Reiki helps to maintain their overall health, and will enhancerelaxation and promote a sense of peace and contentment.

Reiki is a safe, natural method for treating animals who are sick, and as with humans, will enhance the benefits of any other therapies or treatments the animal is receiving, as well as reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

For animals who are terminally ill, Reiki can provide a gentle though powerful method of relieving pain, fear and anxiety, and providing peace and comfort for the animal during this difficult time.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, will usually remain lying down during the Reiki session for as long as they need the healing. When they’ve had enough they usually will stand up or move away. Normally, 20 to 30 minutes is plenty for an animal.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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