A Healing Crisis!?

0_0_0_0_250_204_csupload_57539243Healing crisis is the term used to describe what a person feels when their body has begun to undergo a treatment that shifts their body into healing and thereby starts releasing old toxins, bacteria, emotional blockages etc. into their system making them FEEL sick, when in fact they are NOT sick at all, but actually healing instead. Healing crisis are most often discussed in regards to detox programs, but can also occur when you begin to receive Reiki for the first time, or more consistently.

You may experience this anytime after your first Reiki treatment but most often it begins to occur anywhere between 24 hrs and 3 days after you begin receiving Reiki.  Physical symptoms can range from headaches and diarrhea to muscle pain and fatigue. Emotionally and/or spiritually, a person might find themselves wrought with sorrow, depression or fear.

The thing that often throws someone going through a healing crisis into a panic is the resurgence of a condition that used to plague them, but has long since been “healed”.  Any
resurgence of old feelings or conditions is just temporary. Its your body’s way of processing through the junk and clearing a way for new clean energy to take its place.

Reiki is much the same as an old friend bringing up and old memory of traumas past. It drug-detoxhelps you to process through those traumas, physical, emotional and spiritual much the same way as recounting the story does to a sympathetic ear over time. Reiki however, helps you process through these things much more quickly than you may have done without its assistance and because its taking you through that process so much faster, you may feel the resurgence of those pains and traumas much more acutely than you would were you reciting the story to friends over time. Rest assured though that the recurrence of any pains or illnesses will fade just as quickly as they appear, and on the other side there will be nothing left for you to relive. Your healing will be complete and you 


will be a much more whole, complete and healthy being for having gone through it.

Now that you can tell whether or not you are having a healing crisis, you may be looking for advice on how to deal with it. It is my opinion that there are two ways to go with this.

1. If the crisis is so bad that you think you just can’t bear it, slow down whatever it is that you are doing that’s causing the crisis. For instance if you are on a detox program, maybe cut back on whatever it is you are taking. If its Reiki that’s gotten it started, maybe get less Reiki for a time until you can handle more healing. Get rest, lots of it and drink water, lots of that too.

2. Suck it up and drive on.  Do what you need to do to take care of yourself better while the crisis occurs. Take a sick day from work. Curl up with your loved one, your pet or your favorite comforter. Have some hot tea, a warm bath or a glass of wine (skip the wine if you’re on a cleanse). Basically, let it ride. You are Healing. You are growing. Growing sometimes hurts, but you’ll be better for it. The faster it comes, the faster it goes and the faster you become a stronger, healthier, healed up person.

Whether you chose the first route or the second I highly recommend talking to your healthCozy care practitioner, your reiki practitioner, your counselor or your best friend. Whoever it is you confide in who helps guide you through the hard times. I also recommend drinking a lot of water to keep things flowing through quickly, getting a lot of rest to help you heal and always always remember to love yourself for all that you are. You are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing. You are perfect in every way.

 If you think even for a minute that what you are going through is NOT a healing crisis and that there is something seriously wrong, go immediately to your doctor, health care practitioner or emergency room. Trust your instincts.

During my huge transition during my divorce, I received Reiki.  I knew this would kick start my emotional healing which in the long run would be great, but was intense and difficult.  Reiki helped me heal deep emotional issues that I didn’t know were there.  I healed attachment and love issues, along with old childhood issues I thought were already healed.  Releasing old, toxic feelings and traumas is never pleasant, but the discomfort is 34e855c19208fc34f760fa78e852eb19only temporary.  When you acknowledge what comes forth and release it, you heal. It’s like an open wound.  It’s rough at first, but after it’s healed, it rarely passes through your mind.

Reiki will help you detox all aspects of your life and make room for new positive and clean energy.

Big or small, Reiki will help you speed up healing or change, and compliments all conventional therapy.


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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical, an eclectic spiritual store & destination in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a spiritual practitioner of over 15 years, I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magical practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I create many of my own products that are based in my practice of Hoodoo, Root work & Witchcraft. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015" & Award of Recognition from the Hiatus House. A portion of my sales every month go to the Hiatus House to help women & children break the cycle of abuse with shelter, community aide & education. I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magical skills via my shop.

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