Your Spirit Guardians – The Archangels

We are never alone.  In our darkest times or brightest days we are surrounded by guides and angels who will come help and guide us.  All you have to do is ask.  During any kind of spiritual work, meditation, or just doing every day things, you can call upon your spirit guardians for assistance  and guidance.  Here is a list of the Archangels and their corresponding crystals, sign, scents, flowers, and attributes.

Archangels serve as guardians for our entire planet. Angels are messengers from the Divine, and as such, they will work with ANYONE who asks.  You don’t have to be of a certain religion and you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to ask for angelic assistance.  They are there to help everyone and that is their MISSION.  They do not make exceptions.


Be still, take deep breaths and relax as you breathe.

 Ask the Archangel that you need to join you, and visualize them standing beside you.

Thank them for coming. Ask them for their help and guidance throughout the day and expect great things to happen.

As you feel them and great things start to happen just take a moment to thank them.

Michael   name means, “He who is like God”. His aura is a bright royal blue mixed with royal purple. His crystal stone is sugalite or clear st-michael-the-archangelquartz, which can help you channel profound and loving messages from Michael. Michael is ruled by the Sun and the element of fire. His direction is South; his season is summer and his day is Sunday.Scents associated with Michael are chamomile, frankincense, rosemary and sage. His flower is the Marigold and he rules over the zodiac signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.  Call on Michael for protection, releasing fear, doubt and negativity, and for strength and illumination. Michael may visit you when you need encouragement to make faithful decisions, to reassure you that God and the angels are really watching over you, say believers. Michael is concerned chiefly with protection, truth, integrity, courage,and strength. If you are having difficulty in any of these areas, Michael is the angel to summon.  Michael can help you remember who you truly are. He can bless you with love, power, strength and unwavering faith. Michael most likes to communicate with you through your dreams. His chief role is to remove fear from your life. He can clear spaces, thoughts, and people of any negative or lower energies.

Raphael  can surround anything needing healing with emerald green energy. His name archangel-raphael-steve-robertsmeans, “He who heals.”The crystals associated with Raphael are citrine, aventurine and malachite. Raphael is ruler of the planet Mercury and the element of Air. His direction is East, his season is Spring, and his day of the week is Wednesday. Raphael’s colors are yellow and green. Scents associated with Raphael are lavender, lily of the valley, mint, bergamot and thyme. His flower is the Iris.  Raphael rules the air signs of the zodiac – Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini.  Raphael helps us breathe and create a healthier lifestyle. Raphael can help you heal yourself or find a healer who can help you heal. Raphael is known as the healing angel, and he gives guidance through our intuitions, thoughts, ideas, dreams and other inner impressions.

Gabriel  is the “Messenger of God.” She is the archangel of the Moon and the element of BAL211293water. Signs of the zodiac ruled by Gabriel are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Scents associated with Gabriel are jasmine, rose, eucalyptus and myrrh.  Crystals that may be used in communicating with Gabriel include Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearls and Selenite.  She supports writers and journalists. Gabriel supports publishing articles and books. Gabriel also helps you tap into the power of God’s love that pores through you. She helps you feel safe in your power and protects you in all ways.  Gabriel also works with mothers and children. She is related to conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting. Gabriel helps you connect with your inner child.

Uriel  is the Archangel of claircognizance and transformation. His name means, “God is ARCHANGEL URIELLight.” He can enlighten our minds with divine inspiration. his direction is North. He usually appears carrying a flaming sword. Scents associated with Uriel are sandalwood, ginger and basil, and his flowers are the gentian and red hot poker. His color is red. His crystals are Hematite, Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, and Rutilated Quartz.  If you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, loving, and helpful, Uriel is speaking to you. It guides all ideas and intelligence. Uriel wants you to know that you already know what to do. He will help light each step along the way, one at a time.

Chamuel   the archangel of adoration and courage. His name means “He who seeks God” chamuel2and he is ruled by the planet Mars, the element of fire and the zodiac sign of Aries. His day is Tuesday and his colors are ruby red or pale green. Chamuel often appears wearing armor. His scents include mint, geranium, neroli and ginger. Crystals often associated with Chamuel are Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian and Pink Tourmaline.

Call on Chamuel when you feel yourself beginning to feel a bit of self-loathing or if you’re spreading yourself too thin, always doing for everyone else before yourself. Chamuel will help you to adore yourself and practice a bit of self-love. It’s alright to take some time for yourself. Chamuel is also an angel of peace and divine justice. He guards the innocent and gives us strength to overcome. He is the patron of surgeons, air traffic controllers, hairdressers, animal conservationists and those in peace keeping missions.

Jophiel  is a beautiful, loving and caring Archangel. Jophiel’s ruling planet is Mercury and Jophiel-smallthe element of Air. His day is Wednesday and his color is deep yellow. Scents given to Jophiel are lavender, orange, myrrh, and lemongrass. Crystals associated with archangel include Ametrine, Smoky Quartz and Rutilated Quartz. Jophiel is the angel of Creative power and Illumination. His name means “beauty of God” and he sometimes appears as a very tall angel (over 9 feet) wearing a yellow cloak and carrying a flaming sword. Jophiel is another guardian over the Tree of Knowledge, alongside Uriel.Call upon archangel Jophiel when you need help learning something new, especially with spiritual matters. When you need inspiration, Jophiel is the one to ask. He also helps us realize untapped abilities we never even knew we had. Jophiel can “unjumble” the chaos that sometimes overwhelms our minds, bringing about clearer thoughts and more organized ways of thinking. Jophiel also aides those who fight for environmental issues and wish to bring about change in the world

Zadkiel  the angel of comfort, prayer and abundance. He is the gentlest of the archangels archangel_zadkiel_by_dreamstoneand his name means “Righteousness of God”. Zadkiel rules the planet Jupiter and the element of air. His colors are sky blue or violet and his day of the week is Thursday. Scents affiliated with Zadkiel include sandalwood, ylang ylang, bergamot, rosemary and nutmeg. His flower is the violet. Crystals associated with this kind but brave angel include Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony and Lapis Lazuli. You can invoke the aid of archangel Zadkiel when you feel despair, depressed and in need. His is often depicted holding a dagger and is surrounded by a blue or violet light. Zadkiel is especially fond of children and will often come to their aide. He may also be called upon for abundance (be it spiritual or material), improving memory, seeking forgiveness from others who have wronged us, and achieving justice. He guides those in the alternative-medicine fields, such as aromatherapists, reiki masters, and masseurs, as well as librarians, interpreters, cashiers and psychiatrists.

Ariel   is the archangel of Nature. This is another archangel who may be male or female. ARIEL Y ALPHAMy intuition is going with female, but you can decide for yourself. Ariel means “Lion of God” and she is ruled by Saturn, the element of air and is best called upon on Saturday. Ariel heals animals, both wild and domestic, and generally all of nature. She is guardian over the nature spirits, such as faeries and elves, sylphs and undines. Ariel’s associated crystals are Apatite, Agate(especially moss and tree agates) and Jasper (such as the leopardskin and dalmatian varieties). She is patron of veterinarians, breeders, archaeologists, civil engineers, and animal rescue workers.  

Azrael  is the angel of life’s natural cycles, living and dying, and of journeys. He is ruled by Evelyn_De_Morgan_-_Angel_of_DeathTuesday, the planet Mars and the element of earth. Azrael’s name means “Whom God helps” and he is most often helpful during times of grief and bereavement. Crystals associated with Azrael are Yellow Calcite, Amethyst, and Purple Fluorite.  Azrael supports grieving or dying people. Azrael supports helpers, healers and counselors. He is patient and compassionate. Azrael’s primary role is to help people cross over to heaven. Azrael surrounds you in loving white light. Ask Azrael for assistance contacting deceased loved ones.

Haniel  Haniel rules Fridays and the planet Venus, as well as the element of water. ChamuelHaniel’s name means “Glory of God” and he is the angel of the West wind, growth, love and healing (especially alternative medicine). He can be called upon for matters dealing with children, marriage, artistic endeavors, natural preservation and music. Haniel’s crystals are Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite and Chrysoprase.


Jeremiel    His name means, “Mercy of God.”Any time you see sparkles of dark purple 365b7597115830ed9b8068ee5df4006c-d5v101xlight, know that Archangel Jeremiel is with you. His crystal is, of course, amethyst. One of Jeremiel’s purposes is to work with crossed over souls in reviewing their lives on Earth. He can also help those living make life reviews. Jeremiel will deliver mercy when asked for, and he helps you act in loving ways towards others. Jeremiel supports people in treating themselves and others with respect and tender loving care.

Metatron  who was formally the prophet Enoch, is now head of the Akashic Records, or archangel_metatron_fullGod’s archives. He is the angel of Thought. Metatron rules Sundays, the element of Fire and the planets Pluto or the Sun. He presides over all our guardian angels and often appears with a scroll and pen. Metatron, though an imposing angel, is quite gentle, often helping children who have passed over. He may be called upon when you are changing to a new path in life, learning opportunities, and helping children with learning disabilities. Crystals linked to Metatron are Sardonyx (which is banded onyx), Mahogany Obsidian and Red or Orange Aventurine.  

Raguel  is the archangel of snow and ice. He also governs and oversees the behavior of the archangel-raguel-steve-robertsother angels. He carries a flaming sword that he may use to melt the snows of winter. Raguel’s name means “Friend of God” and he creates harmony and understanding in relationships that may be experiencing discord. Raguel’s crystals is Milky Quartz and Moonstone.  He can also help you sort your feelings and understand which path to take. Raguel is concerned with divine order, clairsentience and relationship harmony. 


Raziel is the archangel of Secrets and the mysteries of life. His name means “Secret of razielGod” and he is guardian over mystical knowledge. He often appears in shadow, as a misty fog and may be called upon for psychic learning, dream interpretation, the cause or root of an illness, spiritual understanding and using natural resources wisely. Raziel’s planet is Neptune, his day of the week is Saturday and his element is Air. Raziel is patron of astrologers, scientists, clairvoyants, and even Secret Service workers.  His crystals are Peridot, Apache Tears, and Aqua Aura Crystals.

Sandalphon was Metatron’s twin brother, the prophet Elijah. His name means “Brother” A19_1and he is considered one of the Seraphim. Sandalphon is the archangel of Power and he oversees strength, prosperity and beauty. He gives us the joy of living and is also given the task of looking after unborn children. He may be called upon for issues concerning pregnancy, fertility and birth. Sandalphon also helps release emotional blocks, fear, guilt and aggressive tendencies. This angel is the patron of musicians, journalists, nurses, pediatricians and midwives. The planet Jupiter rules this archangel, as does the element of earth. His day is Thursday and his crystals are Turquoise and Calcite (any variety).

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