Our new addition…Sheldon the ferret

Sheldon is a preemie ferret that was hand and bottle fed at our favorite Pet Value down the street. I am quite afraid of these crazy little creatures. I was bit badly by one in my teens and the horror of it has been scarred in my brain since.
I watched the girls cuddle and feed this tiny little bone rack of a baby for two weeks. Then he started to grow and get fatter. Every time I would go in I would watch them with him and he was sooo cute and such a big baby.

So I gave in…I couldn’t help it!

I held him and just fell in love. What a cutie!!

Sheldon brings joy, happiness and laughter to our home.  He is so entertaining and gets along well with our other pets.  He’s very easy to take care of and if your home is ferret proof, he doesn’t get into too much trouble.  He loves toys and is a little clown.

I just love him. He is part of the weasel family and reminds me of a little woodland creature that I have as a pet. He brings the forest and nature into my home.

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