Connecting With Your Angels


I’m so very excited to get an early Christmas gift of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards. I love oracle cards, and I’m going to try and use the tarot. These cards are beautiful and I love Doreen Virtues Decks.  I use her Goddess Oracle all the time and the messages are always smack on!

The past six months has been quite the journey for me. Every Reiki Attunement I receive, I’m more in touch with my guides, my intuition is right on the ball, and I’m able to give the amazing gift of reiki to others, being able to conduct more healing energy with every session. Being in touch with my angles, arch angels, ascended masters, reiki guides, and my own spirit guides is an important part of my practice as well as a daily necessity for me.

When we are in touch with our higher self, our guides, and angels, we make thought out choices that are based on our highest good. This isn’t to say that life is suddenly perfect…because it never is for many reasons….but it makes the bumps and scrapes easier to handle, understand, and process.

I am not clairvoyant, or am able to see my guides in the physical world, so I use tools to help me receive messages from them. Often
times when I sit and meditate on something, I will get an answer that I “feel” is right.  In the past month, I will get a cold chill or goosebumps when I’m acting in harmony with my highest good. I know that my guide is edging me on, saying “yes!”.  lol! Sometimes I will get the answer from a person I meet, or an event that will happen. Sometimes I have dreams and visions, but they come and go.


Everyone can be in touch with their angels and guides, and using a beautiful intuitive deck is a simple start. You can pull a card each day and think about the message and how it relates to you and your circumstances.  It can also help you begin your day with a positive focus you can hold for the rest of the day.


I just opened the box and I had to write about them stat! I’m so excited about them! I of course will post more about them as I use Imagethem.  As with everything you use for a higher purpose, you need to cleanse your deck, dedicate and put an intention on it.  As you build a relationship with your tools, you will get better and better results. Place your deck in sea salt, or smudge with sage. Make sure you sage each card of the deck. f the deck is very ‘sticky’ or feels ‘sad,’ I like to use a soft cloth to wipe each of the cards individually. I do this in a meditative state with candles lit and soft music playing in the background. Yes, it is time consuming but you will have a deck that is not only energetically pristine – it will also feel like an extension of yourself.

More than just aligning it with your goals and establishing a rapport with it, charging a deck can raise its energy to a more spiritual vibration. By deliberately dedicating the deck to a higher power, you will find that you are able to understand the cards on a more profound level. It is here that the cards can guide you in your highest purpose.


ImageOne way to charge something is to direct energy into it, such as holding it in your hands or holding your hands over it. Some people will always carry a new deck with them or sleep with it under their pillows to establish a rapport. To increase the amount of energy or focus a certain wavelength of energy into the deck, you can utilize Reiki or other spiritual and personal symbols in the charging process or direct energy through a crystal or stone with the properties you wish to impart. To increase the concentration of chi, place the deck in or under a pyramid or on a generating grid.

Writing a mission statement is a way of working “backwards” with your Tarot deck – beginning with the end result (what you hope to accomplish with your deck and your readings) and building your skills and activities toward that end.  Once you have a clear understanding of your “destination,” you can better assess where you are now, what steps are suitable for the end result, and whether your current efforts are moving you in the hoped-for direction. Ponder on the purpose you want for your deck. Write it down.

Direct energy through your hands over the deck and say the following:

“With this ceremony I dedicate these cards to the highest good for all. They counsel us in our decisions; they inspire us toward our ambitions; they awaken us to our dreams; they ground us in our abundance. They speak the symbol of our soul and we understand. (State your conscious intention.) By (The name of your spiritual source), this deck is charged with my intention. So mote it be. Blessed Be.”


Sample Tarot Mission Statements:

I consecrate this deck to bring light wherever there is darkness.
I consecrate this deck for guidance and wisdom for myself and others for the higher good for all concerned.
I consecrate this deck to enlighten myself and others more fully.
May all who use and touch this deck know the love of Spirit and be drawn into the Light of Spirit.

I dedicate this deck to serve others with their spiritual growth, for wisdom, knowledge and to bring healing and peace to all who seek its wisdom.
I dedicate this deck to the development of my intuition so that I may be a source of guidance to others.

Always handle your tools with love and respect. When you’re not using your cards, place them in a cloth pouch, in a sacred place, or on an altar. Your tools are sacred and will always give you honest and accurate answers if you take care of them and maintain a connection.

Working with your angel guides is fun and exciting, and can enhance your life in many ways.  Enjoy and have fun!

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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