Full Moon In Virgo

web-full-moon-dancerA full moon is the opportune time to listen to your higher self. As energy is high from the moon at this time of it’s cycle, it brings out your emotional state, or inner turbulences with a punch.  If you are calm and happy this state of being will be magnified.  If stressed and self-destructive, this will be amplified and projected on others.

My partner is a Virgo and I am on the cusp so I’m very familiar with the pros and cons of this sign.  This full moon lets look at what your inner self presents to you on an emotional level.  If you need to release emotions that are buried way down, they may surface at this time.  Take time to yourself and release them, validating their purpose at the time, and letting them go.  Fill yourself with new positive messages and reassurance that you are safe and loved.

Virgos love to serve and need to be appreciated.  Use this time to decide where you can reach out and offer your service to others. From your inner circle to the community, we all have our unique ways that we can help and touch peoples hearts.  Reach out and communicate to others how much you appreciate them. Always take the time to validate the importance of those around you.  This also means validating yourself also.  What kindness can you co for yourself? Always affirm yourself with positive and kind words.

Virgo is the only constellation in the Zodiac that depicts a woman, and she is “Virgin” in the sense that the Goddess, as the Great Mother, created life all on her own, no partner required.

Virgo the virgin is the only constellation in the zodiac that depicts a woman or goddess. Unlike the modern self-love-quote-janet-louise-stephenson1interpretation of a virgin, in ancient times these were independent women who dedicated their lives to the Goddess. They were sacred sexual priestesses who initiated adolescent girls and boys of the community through sexual rites.  She is “Virgin” in the sense that the Goddess, as the Great Mother, created life all on her own, no partner required.  This full moon is the time to express our inner goddess as individuals.

Virgos are very critical.  Let’s watch out because this crippling trait will be exaggerated. Wherever you are at on your path, always remember that you are exactly in the right place that you are supposed to be in. “I’m not good enough” trap. As emotions run wild, be aware of how you communicate with others. You will tend to be more critical and irritable.  Use this as an opportunity to examine why you feel this way and heal the issues that come to the surface in your own life.  Release this negative talk and replace it with understanding and patience.

This is a great time to focus on goals and projects. What will you need to begin something new? This is a good time to release the old to make room for new energy and ideas to put your plan into action.  Remember not to over think things. Virgos tend to pick apart and over analize things.  Just be creative and see where things go. Don’t think it to death. Use this energy to be dedicated and focused on your own path and goals.

This is also a great time to connect with the earth and ground yourself. Enjoy nature and the gifts the earth gives us every day. Being grounded keeps us stable on our own two feet, not being easily swayed and deterred by others opinion or attitudes. It connects us to the base foundation of our being and purpose.

Full Moon Release Ritual

Items you’ll need: Candles,paper,matches,a pen,crystals and items for inspiration

  • 1. Create your sacred space by gathering items that symbolize your intent for this ritual. Begin by smudging, grounding and centring yourself, and clearing your mind of outside chatter.
  • 2. Invoke the four corners and invite your guides and angels into your circle.
  • 3. Set your intention for your ritual. I usually use the intent of my highest and greatest good.
  • 4. Write down on your paper all the things you want to release. Be honest.
  • 5. Light your candle and as the flame burns focus on the things your are releasing.
  • 6. When you are done releasing your emotions or your meditation, fill up that space with positive energy, golden and bright. Sendwpid-imag0574 (1) this energy to all those you love and who have touched your life.
  • 6. When you are done, thank your guides and angels and release them from your circle. Thank and release the four corners. Open your circle and cut your grounding cord.
  • 7. Give thanks for this time and reflect on the knowledge and guidance you have received during this ritual.  Make goals and commitments to yourself to follow your highest path and make these changes in your life.

Allow the candle to keep burning in the bowl as a symbol of the letting go process. The flame is a purifier, and symbolizes the sparks of inspiration as well. If you blow out your candle, relighting it throughout the week will remind you of your commitment. Place inspiring pictures, crystals, and symbols around it that remind you of who you’re becoming. Love yourself and give yourself thanks for being on your spiritual path.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical, an eclectic spiritual store & destination in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a spiritual practitioner of over 15 years, I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magical practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I create many of my own products that are based in my practice of Hoodoo, Root work & Witchcraft. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015" & Award of Recognition from the Hiatus House. A portion of my sales every month go to the Hiatus House to help women & children break the cycle of abuse with shelter, community aide & education. I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magical skills via my shop.

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