Full Moon and My Decision About Breast Surgery


Tonight I am celebrating the full moon, and harnessing it’s bright and beautiful energy to gather insight and let go of things that need to be gone.

Tonight is kind of a “wonky” one for me. Actually the whole day has been. The moon is in Scorpio and with the energy that is swirling around, one needs to keep grounded, positive, and focused.

I’ve been recovering from breast augmentation surgery for two weeks now, and frankly I’m soo bored! When I’m stagnant for a while, it’s hard to get back in the swing of things.  So using my intuition, and not knowing what theme this grid would take, I just jumped in.

Since my surgery, I’ve gotten regular Healing Touch treatments to rid my body of the toxins and narcotics from going through surgery itself, and also all the heavy duty medication I need to be on so I’m not in pain afterwards.  Interestingly enough, my surgery date was on the new moon. Perfect for attracting new things into your life. Since I got a breast augmentation done, this was the perfect time to embrace my new breasts, and welcome this change into my body.  I’ve been focusing so much on healing and integrating this change into my body and energy field, that I really didn’t know what to focus on for this full moon!

So I began by grounding and centring myself, and welcoming in my guides and angels to guide me, and provide me with the knowledge I need, at this time.

I began by selecting my Full Moon Coventry Candle, a Van Van candle, and my white candles anointed wpid-imag0712.jpgwith High John Oil.  I chose the stones that spoke out to me and arranged them on my altar. As I sat and cleared my mind and pondered on the stones I chose, I received the message they were telling me, along with the focus of this Full Moon ritual.

The crystals that I chose had a common theme.  Grounding, cleansing, spiritual strength, truth, cleansing, and purpose.   This struck a strong cord with me because at all three of my healing sessions, with two different people, my throat chakra was very plugged.  Of course my chakras in my trunk area were crusty and still from the trauma and pain of my surgery, and they cleared and balanced quickly.  I couldn’t figure out why my throat was so badly blocked. I wasn’t holding anything back from someone. I am pretty honest about my feelings, and I try to be real when it comes to expressing myself. My relationships were good, and I wasn’t really having any problems in that area.

The_11_Forgotten_Laws_Part_7_The_Law_of_Non_ResistanceThen I went to my last healing session and Roxanne asked me about my throat. She explained to me that the throat chakra was associated with the Will.  There is your will that propels you ahead, and then the resistance of the will that is against our Will. It’s like wanting to ride a bike. You want to, you hop on the bike, and you start to ride it. The forces against you are balance, wind, fear of an accident, or ridicule when you fall. Subconsciously, you decide if your will is stronger than the forces against you. If not, you don’t hop on the bike. If so, you ride and enjoy the journey.

This was it! The light bulb went off! And of course it had to do with my surgery.  For years I was afraid and wishy washy about getting this done, even though I really wanted to.  Since I have been doing Reiki and magical work, I was afraid of what others in the holistic community would think, and I was worried that this would interfere with my ability to conduct energy. Would I be a good example? Am I just vain and really not happy with the true “ME”?

Here’s the deal…..

After 20+ years of working on myself and healing some very big issues, I’m finally VERY happy with myself and where I’m at. In general, even though I have gained a few pounds over the past few years, I’m happy with my body image. I’m very content. The thing about me and I’m sure the slue of Virgos and Libras agree, we like pretty things.  I love fashion, I love shoes, I like looking nice and stylish, and I rarely waste a minute where I can look my best. I enjoy beauty, and I appreciate it in others tremendously. Just love it. I’m constantly complimenting others because the beauty of them just pops out at me. Even if they are covered in mud and rags, if their beautiful blue eyes grab me, I tell them. I love it. I also enjoy the beauty of one’s spirit. There’s nothing that matches the presence of a wonderful, beautiful spirit. I love it. fq6

The point is is that everyone has their own concept of beauty and there is no right or wrong to it. While one culture might revere very heavy women, another might be attracted to a slighter build. Where one woman might be comfortable in one body, another might not. For whatever reason is their own, and one is not more correct than than the other. Such as the effects of gravity on the ageing human body might not be a concern to one person, it might horrify another. All depends on the individual. I like my body and I enjoy it, and I wanted to enjoy it more. I was bored by my worn out milk bags that looked great in a bra but slapped my sides and midsection when set free. Not nice and I have the freedom to change them to what I want them to look like. So I did.

Then there’s the “holistic” community. Like everything else here on earth, there is always different degrees of the same pole. There’s the extreme, to the book, rigid pole, and there’s the “what ever I feel like and integrate some natural things” side of the pole. None is wrong or better than the other, it’s a personal, individual choice. Will I not be a good conduit of energy with a prosthetic in my body? NO. Will I be less of a spiritual person after this procedure? No. Can I still be a representative of spirit, and an example of integrity? Yes.

Some people get overly caught up in the spiritual side of things. They focus on heaven, being a spirit being, past lives, everything except where they are at this moment. They become unbalanced and seek healing and knowledge through one avenue only, and thus depriving themselves of a balanced life on every level.  And the truth is, we are multi-dimensional beings on a physical planet. It’s important to keep a balance and take care of body, mind, and spirit.  We also have a physical body that sometimes needs physical care. When we are in tune with every aspect of our being and nurture every part, we are healthy and in balance.

8bcc68d32cf8add21ecba42388906b2c  We are also here by choice. Here in the physical world, it is faster to evolve. We also are able to experience this dense energy world, along with feelings, emotions, and physical experience. This is a journey of discovery and expansion of the human experience. When I embrace my spiritual purpose, I realize that this includes living my life to the fullest, using this life to experience what this world has to offer and be grounded and focused so I can use this lifetime to it’s fullest. If you are so focused on another lifetime, or waiting for spirit to come and whisk your problems away, or hoping that all your emotional trauma is going to be cured by a magic ritual, or that you will be punished by eternal torture…you are wasting your time, and your lifetime here.  This is a physical realm, with physical lessons along with physical pleasure and pain and everything in between.  When we forget about this, we are depriving ourself of the opportunity we chose before we were born. By embracing everything in this life, on this planet, we grow faster, and live life to it’s fullest.  We enjoy or visit here and are happy with our choices.

Just like our lifetime here on earth was our choice, what we do when we’re here is our choice also. Although we made agreements and contracts with other souls for lessons to be learned, for friendship, or hardship, we still have free will to learn the lessons or not. Only after we return to the spirit realm,  we are aware of these contracts and review what we have accomplished and what we have not. There is no right or wrong, no judgement or punishment, just what is. We then have the choice to go back or not. But the only purpose is evolution and balance. Experience and Karma. This is what brings us closer and closer to The All. The more we experience, the more we empathize, the more we evolve, the more mature our soul gets.

So as I reviewed my belief system, I felt very confident with the choice to enhance my physical body. AndiStock_000009042944_Small-1 I love the way my new friends turned out. I am happy with my choice, and I’d do it again. I don’t let what others say, or their opinion sway me one way or another, or affect my personal choices.  I’ve let go of what the holistic community would think, because I value my personal path and choices more that what someone else’s opinion or choice. For instance…I know people who won’t die their hair, paint their nails, shave, or use deodorant because they want to be “natural”. That’s great for them, but I think that when your’e dealing with the public you should look your best, and my best isn’t that. That’s not me…and I’m not them. One isn’t better than the other, they’re just different choices and that is what makes this world so interesting and diverse.

I am very blessed to be here in this time where we have so many advancements in technology, health care, and knowledge. Whatever we can dream of or want, in this day and age, we can get it, do it, or someone is on the verge of creating it. However we want to express ourself, and whoever we want to be or experience, we have the freedom of doing so. This is my journey. My lifetime. It’s all about me. Being me, expressing me, enjoying me, and being proud of me. And sharing this ME with others. I love it. And I love it when those around me do the same. Everyone’s uniqueness is beautiful, and I enjoy all of this beauty around me.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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