Messages From Your Guides During a Reiki Session

     ImageBefore I begin a Reiki treatment on a client, there are some things that I always do to prepare myself, my client, and my healing space for the session.  First I sage the room and myself to cleanse and raise the vibration of myself and the environment.  Then I spend some time meditating.  I ground and centre myself making sure I’m surrounded with healing light. I then do my prep to channel reiki tough my body for my clients greatest and highest good. I then ask my spirit guides, my reiki guides, the angels and archangels that will help with the session and to enter my sacred space. 

    When my client arrives and is nice and comfy and ready for their treatment, I say a healing prayer. I ask my clients guides to enter the space and help with the treatment, and if they have any messages to relay to my client to let me know. 

     Sometimes I receive many messages, sometimes I don’t receive any.  All I know is during a healing session, everything that happens is always for everyone’s highest and greatest good. Sometimes the way I receive messages is physical, sometimes I see symbols or one time I saw it spelled out as plain as day. Often what I see or feel doesn’t make sense to me, but when I tell my client, more often than not, it means something to them. 

     During a session if there is an area on my client that is blocked, or there is illness, tension, or a chakra is plugged, my hands will get scorching hot. I get hot too. lol  When an energy porthole is blocked there could be many reasons behind it.  It could be an emotional issue, a communication issue, an issue that the subconscious is aware of but my client is not.  Sometimes it’s a physical injury, an addictive problem, or substance in their body.  Each feels different and depending if the angels want… they will let me know Imagewhat’s going on so my client can reflect on the knowledge and help heal themselves. 

     Because I am sensitive to energy, when I receive a session, I can feel the energy and the work it’s doing.  Some of my clients report the same.  Sometimes it’s a feeling of heat or coldness, other times it’s a feeling of pressure on an area.  During my session after surgery, I felt a laser like “sewing” sensation over my ribs and under my breasts. It was obvious that there was an Integration and healing going on. 

     During my transition after my divorce, I got help from an amazing healer. I knew I needed to heal some deep seeded issues that were holding me back from being truly happy and living the life I wanted.  When I received a treatment, I always made sure I had the rest of the day off.  During these sessions I would often release toxic emotions attached to past pain and abuse. I would cry and talk about what would come to the surface and Roxanne would tell me what was reviled to her.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing, drinking lots of water, and pondering what was brought to the surface in my session. I valued these sessions even though they were tough and sometimes painful, because without knowing what issues kept me stuck, I wouldn’t have know what to heal, and I wouldn’t have grown so fast. 

     Thankfully, most reiki sessions aren’t dramatic or filled with revelations of trauma. Everything that happens is for your highest good at that time. Sometimes simple things like taking more “me” time is a simple solution for stress management. Reiki is very relaxing and you often feel lighter and refreshed after a session. 

     If you are going through recovery from addiction or any kind of abuse, Reiki is a must!  When you are going through detox and changing your thoughts, behaviour and habits, reiki will cleanse your body and aura of the negative effects of these toxins and bring in new balanced clear energy into your field. As you change, your body and mind changes, thus your energy field needs clearing and adjusting. During a session, this happens easily and peacefully. 

    Image Recently I had surgery.  I made sure that I had a session the night before to align everything and make sure my body was balanced and functioning at it’s best. The day after I received a session (even though I don’t really remember it) lol. and I relieved one a week after, and a week after that with another healer. Right after my surgery, Corrine cleared out toxins from the surgery and cleared the pain. My chakras were very blocked, actually not moving at all from the neck to the waist. She cleared it and got it flowing again.  This happened at all of my treatments along with some body and self purpose issues ( I talked about this in my post about my surgery) This is so important when it comes to healing. When your energy is stuck it’s like being strangled.  You can’t breath because the air is being snuffed out.  Your body works the same way with energy.  When it’s not flowing properly, your body doesn’t function as it should. Healing is sped up when everything is flowing well. 

     With all that I shared, the bottom line is….Reiki energy just knows.  Everyone is unique and has different needs.  Be assured though, that when you go for any kind of healing energy session, the results will be exactly what you need, at that exact time. 

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical, an eclectic spiritual store & destination in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a spiritual practitioner of over 15 years, I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magical practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I create many of my own products that are based in my practice of Hoodoo, Root work & Witchcraft. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015" & Award of Recognition from the Hiatus House. A portion of my sales every month go to the Hiatus House to help women & children break the cycle of abuse with shelter, community aide & education. I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magical skills via my shop.

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    1. Love this, That’s all I wanted to day. I am a single struggling mum. My vibration is low a majority of the time.. I feel this. I have never tried Reiki. I am sure it would resonate with me, I am also sensitive to Energy. Was just surfing Pinterest. Thank you xx


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