New Moon In Virgo August 25 2014

New Moons are dark, majickal, and powerful for personal and spiritual growth. I love a dark moon! I pull out some of my favourite crystals and candles and my cute scary tarot cards, and I pull out what’s hidden deep in my sub-conscious that’s waiting to be given light. Well…I make it sound fun, but often times digging around in your deep, hidden psyche is the total opposite. It’s painful, old buried memories come forward that need to be healed and let go of. It’s sloppy, you cry, you’re mad, and you’re scared.

This is a necessary and important part in your personal growth. As you heal those parts of you that are creating a “mask” so to speak, your true and real self will begin to shine. As you heal the wounds that cause you to be defensive or cautious, you will be able to be fully trusting and open. As you heal scars and trauma caused by sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, you will be able to love, trust, and have healthy coping skills. The deep seeded hurt and pain that causes you to act out in anger, be anxious, and play out self-destructive patterns will heal with time, and will fall to the wayside. You will begin to embrace healthy patterns and choices, and will begin to feel inner peace and quietness inside your mind and being.

New Moons are a time for us to look objectively at our lives and contemplate what is no longer serving us so we can leave it behind in the dark of the Moon. This then allows us to set intentions and plant some new, healthy seeds that have the chance to blossom and grow until they come to fruition as the Moon reaches the peak of her fullness. New Moons are equally as powerful as Full Moons, just in a different way.

This new moon will bring up a lot of deep rooted issues for you, there may be old lovers, family or friends and even co-workers coming into your life again only to settle old issue. There will be an increase in your dreams, signs and symbols, this is the only way for your guides to talk to you , so pay attention to them. This is the time to now embrace all your old issues and wipe the slate clean by allowing yourself to forgive and learn so you may move forward.

labradoriteTo help you do this, Labradorite is the best meditation stone to use. It can help you see old emotional patterns and then embrace them. It can help you connect your guides, enhancing your psychic abilities so you may see what is coming.

Labradorite is the gatekeeper for shadow work, and it is sometimes referred to as the Magician’s stone–the
magic of our own potential, intuition, and power. What does this mean? It means, labradorite perfectly complements the New Moon energy, helping you gently uncover your “hooks”, and open to your Higher Self and the secret knowledge that helps you grow. Intention-setting and manifestation is not the only way to use labradorite in the new moon. This is a great time for journeying and deeper meditations. If you are someone building their intuitive gifts.

Virgo New Moon

One of my favourite shadow work decks

Virgo can be pretty hard on herself and others, so we must be careful not to be too self-critical during this time, but merely contemplate ways we can improve ourselves and better serve those around us.

Virgo is the sign of humble service, after all, and the truth of the matter is that nothing makes us happier than having done something good for someone else!

Virgo is also well practised at the art of discernment, so this is a wonderful New Moon to actually decide what is good for us and worth keeping and what is better left by the wayside.  She likes to be organised and put everything into neat little boxes, so we can take a leaf out of her book and streamline and simplify our lives.

Virgos are clever, pragmatic and creative people who know how to make their intelligence work for them. Many scientists and mathematicians are born under the Virgo sign. They are also cautious and do not rush into premature decisions. Virgos are dependable, supportive and punctual too. They are also pragmatic, industrious, self-controlled and keen on self-improvement.

 Virgo New Moon themes:

  • wisdom of the body
  • purification
  • natural solutions
  • enjoying the process
  • putting things in order
  • the simple life
  • true essentials
  • finishing what you’ve started
  • practical wisdom
  • picking apart to discover what’s wrong
  • intricate systems and patterns
  • handling the details
  • finding beauty in the particular.

wpid-imag0678-e1397659841732On Monday evening, take some time out for yourself. Sit quietly and clear your mind. What pops in there? Besides the grocery list, and the bang you heard from the other room and your kids yelling lol. Are you completely happy? If so awesome! Are there some things that need some tweaking or is a complete change in order? This is the time. If there are some amazing things going on in your life and you want to keep it going…this is the time!! Even if you sit down and decide that you need to reduce the amount of negative self talk that goes through your head during the day, this is the time.

You don’t have to be fancy, you just have to be clear. I always use some form of ritual to keep myself focused because I’m kind off ADD and I get distracted easily. If you just want to clear your mind and “make a wish” so to speak, it’s a start. And if you take some time to revisit this small wish you made everyday, it will happen.

If you have a labradorite crystal, cleanse it and infuse your intentions into it. I light a candle that corresponds to the theme of my ritual, such as a Coventry spell candle, and I write down what I want.

As the moon gets closer, my dreams are always very vivid and I have a Dream Interpretation book that I look up the meaning of my dreams. Before I go to sleep, I always ask my guides to give me messages in my dreams. This is information for my path. This is how I am revealed what is in my sub-conscious mind. Some things that are buried in our subconscious stand in our way such as grudges we are holding onto, or unresolved issues, even a warning that someone in your waking life is hindering you.

I also have my beautiful labradorite pendant on and large pillar by my bedside. I love labradorite as it’s also a good grounding stone that absorbs negative energy, giving you a sense of peace and well being.

I love candles, so I always light a New Moon Candle, or a black candle for cleansing and protection. Even if you

use a white candle, you can bless it with your intention. By meditating about your intent, and visualizing your thoughts infusing the candle, you are giving it that exact purpose, and it’s charged with your energy. You can anoint it with scented oil, and say a small prayer. When you light your candle, you are igniting the fire and energy that sends your intent out into the universe. At that moment, that energy begins to seek out and bring back the same.

Make a list of things you want to change. Take this list and safely light it on fire with your candle. As it’s burning, visualize these things leaving your life, floating away like the ashes.

Your list of positive goals is next. Keep these under your candle and review them everyday as you light your candle. If you incorporated a crystal in your process, you can carry this around with you during the day with your goal list, or revisit it when you light your candle and reflect on your goals.

When I began, I started simple, and as I built on my knowledge of ritual and manifestation, so did my altars and my practice.

Be reassured that elaborate is not always better. What does matter is the focus and clarity you have with your goals and dreams. Every affirmation, every thought must be clear and simple to get your desired result.

As you see progress, always give thanks.

So lets use this Virgo New Moon to look inward and clean house. Be precise and to the point with what you wish for, and let us keep this powerful rhythm of empowerment and spiritual strength going!

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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