Drawing Down the Moon – Full Moon

Drawing-Down-the-MoonWhen you Draw Down the Moon during a full-Moon ritual, you pull the energy of the Goddess into yourself. 

Drawing Down the Moon is an altered state of consciousness, a ritual possession by the Divine. It is not uncommon to feel the energy of the Goddess for quite some time following Drawing Down the Moon, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a heightened sense of clarity over the next few days. You may also feel extremely emotional – it’s not uncommon to cry or laugh spontaneously during this rite.

My Full Moon Altar

 Before you begin, you should have all electrical items that make noise turned off: phones, cell and otherwise; TV; answering machine; door bell; pagers and so on. I know some of these are just a part of day-to-day life, but unless you are truly able to leave the cares and sounds of this world behind.

If you are going outdoors, it is a good idea to place any items you need for meditation in a small basket or box. You don’t want to get started and then have to stop and start again. If you are inside, you should make sure you have everything with you in a place where you will not be intruded upon.

Items needed:

  • Candle to represent your Goddess: if you are working outside it should be in glass so it will not blow out and you have to stop and relight it during your working.
  • Incense to represent your Goddess.
  • Flowers favoured by your Goddess to give as a gift unto her blessings.
  • Crystals like Moonstone that invoke goddess feminine energy.

Cast a simple circle around where you will be. Circles are meant to keep negative ickiness away from you while you are working with the powers that be.

Circle Casting:

Ground and Centre. Begin by saying “As this circle opens, all negativity is kept at bay. Surround this space with an impenetrable layer of protection. Only those invited within this circle may enter, and may only come with positive intent.” Then when I see the circle complete itself, I’ll walk to the middle and say, “As above, so below, this circle is now open.” 

Wear a Moonstone Crystal during the Full Moon

Light your candle and incense. Stretch and take some deep breaths in and out. Focus your vision on the candle’s flame as you relax you entire body and mind. Using your third eye visualize yourself moving through time and space into a world between the veil of colour and light. Allow yourself to open the curtain of time and pass into another plane of existence. This is not a place I can describe for you, it is a world only you can know and you will know when you arrive.

Standing, raise your hands up forming the shape of a cup above your head. Place your hands, with palms facing the moon. Index and thumbs are touching, forming a triangle [symbol of Manifestation]. The triangle is sacred, because it is the symbol of the yoni, through which all things manifest. 

Mentally bring the moon down into each of your body’s centres. Visualize the moons energy pouring down and filling the cup that your arms form. Moon-energy-light pours through your arms, neck, head, and simultaneously down through your chest, heart, to be base of your spine, legs, and feet.

When desired, move your hands from the outstretched position and fold over your heart. Concentrate on each body centre for about a minute. Visualize each one glowing with the moon’s light. In this way, you fill yourself as a lunar vessel. 

Stand at your altar with your arms crossed over your chest, and feet together. Face towards the full moon. 


Mother Goddess, lend me your light
Give me your power on this faithful night
I invoke you into my being and soul
Fill up my vessel and make me feel Whole
I stand before you in ore and in love
I cherish your gifts you stow from above
I ask you tonight to show unto me
My Mother, My Goddess so mote it be.

c0deae5aee17d5418b49fcea96c51be0Use the energy in a positive purpose. Visualize your goals, or just meditate. Full moons are perfect for goal setting, personal growth, and cleansing things from your life that you don’t want anymore. 

Closing Your Circle:

Walk counter-clockwise, watching the circle disappear. Thank the Goddess for all of her blessings, and for sharing her energy with you before closing the circle. You can let the incense burn down, put out your candle, and clean up the area. Now that everything is cleaned up, it would probably be a good idea for you to have something to eat. Even after grounding (when you sat on the ground and let the excess energy flow into it), you are probably going to feel a little off in some way. Eating something will help fully bring you back to this world, and fully ground you. 

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