Are You Prepared for Mercury Retrograde? October 4-25, 2014

Next Mercury Retrograde period: October 4th to 25th, 2014
From 2 degrees Scorpio to 16 degrees Libra


About the Mercury Cycle
Astrologers look at the position of Mercury to analyse the current mental chemistry of human beings.  Mercury tells us about how the day-to-day details of life will be handled, how communications will proceed and how office relations will go.  When Mercury is fast, such things proceed swiftly with few obstacles.  When Mercury is retrograde there are obstructions and snarl-ups.  Mercury direct periods are best used for forward motion and starting new projects; Mercury retrograde periods are best used for rest, contemplation, research and cleaning up old projects.

Every year Mercury goes through its normal cycle three times.  This cycle has several parts:  first we see hed_mercury_retrogradeMercury race forward ahead of the Sun.  Then it slows down and turns retrograde, or backwards.  The Mercury retrograde period lasts for about 3 weeks, during which the forward-moving Sun will pass backward-moving Mercury, and they greet each other in a day of illumination (“Lesser Epiphany Day”).

During Mercury retrograde, there’s an excellent chance that letters and packages will be lost in the mail and information will be delayed, leaving projects and lives in disorder.It is usually marked by snarl-ups in communication and breakdowns of communications equipment and networks, and of office equipment of all kinds.

Then too, you have two eclipses due in October, and eclipses are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to create rapid, massive change. When eclipses come by, no matter how busy you happen to be, if the eclipse falls near one of your natal planets, or your natal Sun (birthday), you must drop everything and focus on their messages and adjust to what is being said to you.

Mercury begins in the sign of the psychic detective, Scorpio

This is the time for digging deep to heal the wounds of the past. There is always a nostalgic and retrospective 36065984energy to Mercury Retrograde, but this particular one will have a more emotionally driven tone. In fact, there could be a downright obsessive quality as our minds tend to get fixated on attachments or passions of the past.It’s seductive to go back to past lovers or sources of infatuation under this transit. It’s also easier to get hung up on old emotional scars. If we can summon the more regenerative quality of this transit to heal and transform some of our more deeply entrenched psychological patterns, we will be using this Mercury Retrograde as a path for healing.

On the other hand, if we fall prey to the more destructive sides of this influence like jealousy, possessiveness and mental obsession, we could literally watch our minds become our own demise. Many secrets will be shared and potentially leaked under this influence, as Scorpio rules all-things private, buried and covert. Another survival strategy for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is to listen more and speak less. Words can get twisted and convoluted during this time, so less is definitely more.

When Mercury is retro-ing from water (emotions) to air (thoughts), the souls that we travel through time with, come up for reflection.  There could be some real fine, brilliant light shining on the most profound ties of our lives.  And some of these are the ones that got ugly or out of control.  This is a time to bravely look at the shadow, and come to new realizations.

Or there could be realizations that free you up from some kind of bondage.  It could be inspired by the perceptual window washing of Libra, and being able to flip a story — to see it from a whole different angle.  First the mind is freed from bondage, like an unjust arrangement, then the psyche is set free.

The Positive of this Mercury Retrograde

This retrograde presents an exciting possibility.  That there will be more awareness of different kinds of perceptual dark arts that are in full tilt these days.

And looking at how the pulls on our energy affect our ability to stay clear-minded.  The sorcery of grabbing emotional-psychic energy comes in many forms, from the seemingly benign (like advertising) to malignant (the large scale fear campaigns). It’s a time to experience lucidity, about what holds us in thrall, and how it affects the clarity of mind.

There is absolutely a positive side to Mercury Retrograde. This period is best used for re-organizing and Self-love (1)reflecting. We look at the world a little differently–through different filters–and can come up with some very important inner revelations. It may be difficult to communicate them under this influence, but not everything needs to be rationalized.

Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, when meditation, benefiting from keeping a journal, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication can actually re-connect us to other means of communication, such as when there is an unexpected power outage and we’re forced off the computer and television, finding different and often satisfying ways to entertain ourselves.

It is important to note that there is absolutely no reason to suspend projects or anything of the sort during the Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s not an ideal time to start new ones or to sign contracts, simply because a change of mind is very possible once Mercury turns direct. However, it’s a fabulous time to do some “outside of the box” thinking. Acting on our ideas, however, might be best left for a Mercury Direct period.

 In Mercury retrograde there is purging.  Cleanse your soul of all those things you’ve needed to say, wanted to say, dreamed of saying.  Don’t forget that there are good things you’ve wanted to say!  Be kind about how you do it, and you’ll find Mercury brings you closer to, not further from, others.

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