Full Moon “Let’s Get Real” Hidden Realms Guidance

IDrawing-Down-the-Moon decided to pull some cards from my Hidden Realms Oracle Deck. I love this deck and it’s a wonderful tool for personal growth and shadow work. I’m going to be very blunt and straight forward with this reading.  I think that there is a time and place for sugar coating and magical thinking, but personal growth (successful growth that is) isn’t one of them.

At this full moon and in the following months or more for some, this is the time to get real. Having gone through the profound experience of the dark night of the soul (twice), there is immense light, inner wisdom, and personal insight that emerges from that process of unveiling the deep inner darkness and truth. I can honestly say that if you are not familiar with this spiritual process of sub-conscious unveiling, it is scary, disturbing, and just plain horrible. lol! Imagine being shown right before your eyes the mistakes, wrongs towards others, and deep emotional scars that have hindered your path, success, and relationship with others up until that very moment!

I am very familiar and comfortable with shadow work (now), as I have done it for over twenty years. Intensely for the past eight. Lightly in the last three. The comfortable you are with visiting this “bad” side of yourself, examining it, embracing and accepting it, you will see dramatic changes in your physical world. You will get right to the root of the unseen issue that causes your self defeating symptoms in your physical world, and you can heal it. At the core. No hokey poky around with band-aid fixes that in the end don’t work.

When you are doing shadow (sub-conscious) work, you remove the illusion that you hold of yourself and others in your The-Full-Moon-Ritualconscious state (ego). It’s an unveiling so to speak of all the unlikable things and “secrets” that are keeping you stuck. Being a prisoner to your baggage and flaws, prevents you from being your true authentic self. For instance, Our value and belief system at this moment in time is a collaboration of experiences we have had in the physical world until this point. (and past lives, but that’s another blog post) Everything that we believe in, our fears, behaviour pattens, and choices are based on our perception of our world presented to us by others in this life and our past lives.

If you are sick and tired of attracting abusive partners, then stop feeling sorry for yourself, saying you are “just too nice”, and running to the next person that “just might be the one”, STOP. The problem isn’t with the people you are with, it’s with you and what you are attracting to you. You have the problem and it’s about time you take a time out and figure out why. If you are like me, you grew up in an abusive home and have inner child and abandonment issues (to name a few) to heal. Once you peal away the band-aids, and look deep within at the wound, you can finally heal it and see dramatic changes in your life.

drug-detoxIf you are an addict (of any kind), quit blaming everyone else around you for your behaviour. Guess what? Sally isn’t going to change, and controlling her isn’t going to make you happy, just like blaming her for drinking that 40 oz last night because your wash wasn’t folded right isn’t going to make you really feel better. Take responsibility for your behaviour, quit blaming every external thing for your awful, destructive, abusive thinking and behaviour. Get help, work a program, and most importantly CHANGE YOUR THINKING. Stinkin thinkin doesn’t go away when you quit the behaviour (drinking, drugs, obsessiveness, promiscuity, etc) Get help and support.

In a nutshell, anything that we find ourself bitching and complaining about, or we are bitter and cynical about, it’s our own doing. I’m not saying that this is totally a negative thing. Our knowledge and perceptions often keep us safe, and prevent us from making some bad mistakes. It’s about holding this knowledge sacred, but not letting it get in the way of being happy. If we were attacked, or violated in any way, this will stay with us our whole lives, and often beyond. Using a negative experience to gain inner strength for yourself, and to help others is one way to heal, and often empowering.

As painful as shadow work is, it’s crucial to a balanced and happy life. The more you embrace your “all”, the more you will be Therapy - Expression Frustrationable to embrace the “all” of another.

My oracle spread today says just that. As we travel through the moon phases, using it’s energy to help and enhance our journey and evolution, we have added power and insight. In any area of our lives, only we have the power to change and heal. Using the energy and natural pull of the universe enhances and speeds up this process immensely.

At this full blood moon, the pull will be in the relationship area. This includes the whole spectrum of relationship. The one we have with ourselves, along with others. The value we put on ourselves is reflected in our physical world we have created. Always remember that you are perfect and beautiful even though your present circumstances might not be. Negative things happen to open our eyes to repair. Repair and heal and fill that space with love and light from yourself, your guides, and God.

Inner work and transition is always uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic and stressful. Always know that if you have made a commitment to yourself to change and heal, you are on the right track. Meditate on your finished goal, and the life and happiness you will have when this transition is done. As with mine, my life now is better and happier than I ever imagined and just keeps growing in abundance and happiness. Keep positive company, join like minded groups, and be kind to yourself. When you reach the light at the end of the tunnel, it will be brighter and more beautiful than you ever imagined.


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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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