Change. Yep. Here I go again. lol! I’ve changed my life a number of times, and I’m doing it again. I’m an old crone at this. I’mLearning Based 1 so familiar with the process, that I can now feel the energy associated with the change and it’s vibration. I know what part of the change process I am in by how the energy feels. I can tell when it’s the right time to begin a new process, and when the energy isn’t right for it and to wait. I know the feeling of the natural pull of resistance you get when you change and incorporate something new. I know what the mind does. The negative games it plays because it’s uncomfortable. I know how my body and mind react to change, so I’m on top of my self care. I also know that change is a process and takes time. So I’m patient, and I let things unfold how they should, not how I think they should be. This is a familiar record I’m playing…but this time it’s different…

This time I’m not changing for survival. I’m not changing to make a healthy life, or to leave a dysfunctional relationship. I’m not changing to make better choices, and break destructive patterns, or to save my kids from a life of repeated family patterns. This time it’s different…this time it’s because I WANT to, and I’m being called to do so. Not only do I need to learn some new skills for my new endeavour, the earth is changing, and us as a species is evolving to the next level. It’s called ascension. So some change I’m calling forth to me, and some I have no choice but to shift.

For a few years now I’ve basked in the fruit I have reaped from all the work I have sown. I revel in accomplishment and pride of what I’ve created. Most of all, I have done this on my own. With the gathered knowledge from professionals and literature, to my mentor and energy healer, along with visions and guidance from my guides and god…I arrived at my destination. The a_spiritual_evolutiongoal I set over 20 years ago, had finally became my reality. Finally. But I could feel it. I have many changes still before my time is up. My path here is not an idle one. Last year I could feel that I was shifting. It was time to move again. Evolve and grow. This time it’s different. Before I knew what I wanted to achieve. What I needed to heal within, and the goal I wanted to reach. This time, I had a goal, I knew I needed to make some changes, but the rest is just faith.

I’ve jumped off the cliff of “security” a few times, and I know that whatever I’m faced with I am always OK. I am always taken care of. I’m a relentless survivor, guided by my highest self with my guides lighting the way. So one year ago…I jumped…

My process is that I ask for guidance to be shown what I need to do for my greatest and highest good. Then I wait. I’m aware of my surroundings and the signs that stear me in the right direction. I know how it feels to stear my energetic wheel down my path. I follow the vibes, the signs. I listen. I turn the wheel and go down the road to my destination.

Most often, when you embark on something new, there is new knowledge you need to learn to be successful at this new witch111thing. My nagging feeling was to open up a brick and mortar store and to offer what I have to others. How was I to do that? I was comfortable in my own protected space. I have no drama of the chaotic kind. I don’t have destructive people around me in my circle of influence, and I had closed myself off so as not to take the risk of being affected or hurt by anyone negative anymore. It was working, but to be in the public, offering services and products, that’s not going to work. So one year ago, I began working on opening myself up again, but this time letting people in, but with good healthy boundaries. This has been a process, and I’m still working on this. As I open up, I let go of accumulated hurt, bitterness, and hurtful memories. It’s scary to open an unknown door, but with small steps down this path, I am successful. Putting myself out there feels vulnerable and unsure, but I do it anyway. I am used to the uncomfortable by products and challenges of change on every level and I ride through it. I welcome it. Bring it…then I hang on and ride the waves and do the work.

Since my primary goal has been to open up my heart and let people in again, I have gone to more engagements, made some new friends, and am volunteering for an organization that stands for change and betterment. The Hiatus House. It’s a shelter for abused women. They offer help, a safe place, and counselling. I’m privileged and honoured to give back to a purpose that has lit the flame of desire for me to heal myself and better my life. Education, support, and empowerment is key to change. In doing this work, I have met new people and friends that are both positive and inspiring. It has also triggered past scars and wounds that I have further healed and let go. It has brought out opportunities to challenge belief systems that aren’t working for me anymore, and heal left over pieces of unhealed past. I need to grow and expand again. Embracing those of a higher positive vibe is essential for me in this process.

d9bfd312bd62afec349b3bc22a0fa829-480x640Since my reiki attunements I am affected more by different energies. I am aware of energy around me, and I can read it in others if I so chose to. Reiki has brought many benefits to me such as being able to go off my anti-depressant medication, I channel information faster, and I can feel my guides around me. Even though I didn’t ask for this,(because I know the pitfalls) it is part of my evolution. Along with a heightened sensitivity, comes a bigger responsibility.  I need to pay attention and take care of myself spiritually now…regularly…more like all the time. lol! If I don’t I don’t feel well. I go for more healing treatments for myself. The past few months I have begun to have bad headaches. I have gotten rid of most of them by massage and stress management, but I randomly get them. It’s from environmental energy. I can clear them myself mostly, but sometimes I can’t and I have to have someone else clear it. I need to watch what I put into my body, and I’m not quite disciplined when it comes to my diet. Alcohol affects me differently, so I have to be careful how much I drink. I’ve been under a lot of stress doing my business plan, and I have to watch my stress levels because I burnout quick. I have to make sure that I have a release for stress because I accumulate it in my top three chakras and I’m in pain. Yesterday I woke up feeling like my chest had been smashed in. I thought it was stress induced, but I’ve had many a symptom from anxiety, and this felt different. So I did the best I could at work and did some meditation when I got home. I felt a bit better. This morning I woke up and most of the pain was gone but I was going to see Roxanne anyway for a treatment so I knew she would know what it is. After my treatment I felt all brand new and it turns out that my chakras are breaking open. The etheric shifting is causing the physical symptoms. As with the headaches, my crown and third eye is cracking open along with the build up of stress energy.  It made dcb3dc95a5634e471bcfcbf275aa9f28sense to me since I’ve been working on my heart chakra for the past year and boom it’s opening! Sounds great, but what now!?! I’m already pretty uncomfortable around others of a lower vibe, I’m thinking I’m going to overload and explode! Lol! Not so , I’m just dramatic!

So…this is VERY different, and crazy, and tiring. Lucky for me, I have a great support team who is cheering me on constantly even if they don’t get it. By that I mean Andre and my two kids and a few eclectic friends. lol. The kids of course think I’m nuts(as they go sage their room lol) and Andre is right on board, being his logical, supportive self, and brainstorming his own magical tools for men. lol!

So back to my goal…To own a most successful metaphysical self help store that will open peoples minds and help them evolve to their best and happiest selves. I will have available the tools that people will need to acquire a better understanding of themselves, the universe, and others around them.   My process to achieve my goal…almost done…but as with every step on the ladder, there is always one above it, then one above that. The store is in the process, and myself…I’m in the process of becoming a successful business owner, spell weaver, channeller, intuitive, em-path, and of course… abundance magnet, and as always a manifesting pro.

So this is where I have been…evolving…again…The winds of change are blowing. I’m all aboard, dressed for the occasion, and as always, the guest of honour!


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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical. The products that I create support my local women's shelter Hiatus House. I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magickal practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015". I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magickal skills via Smudge Metaphysical.

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