Full Moon For Communication December 6, 2014

The-Full-Moon-RitualThe full moon on December 6, 2014 is known as Cold Moon, Open Moon or Big Winter Moon. It falls in the opposite sun sign of Gemini. This is the perfect time for spells and rituals to enhance your communications skills. It’s also ideal for renewing contacts, travel and face-to-face meetings.

This Full Moon is about communication, attitude, and our sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them.

It’s time to express ourselves, and to let things out of our systems. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet. With the Sun aligned with Mercury around the time of the Full Moon, this can be an especially vocal and idea-filled time.

Full moon rituals are perfect for purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher communication-quotes-best-meaning-sayings-brian-tracyself. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering there since the new moon. Often the full moon is a time where we can see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the new Moon. We can also choose to release people or bad habits as old routines and ties we established years ago can be thrown into the lunar fire. When we release people or things in this way, the full moon birthing time can be more of a cosmic menstruation. Therefore the Full Moon can be a cleansing time for both men and women.

Full Moon Ritual For December 6, 2014

This Moon would be great for releasing very tightly bound karmic ties between lovers. At the same time if you want to give birth to a project that you want to last and stick like glue then this is the moon for it.  It will also be good for meetings which call for passionate debates and brain-storming. This time of self examination is crucial to personal growth and progression in many areas in your life.  To embrace the energy of communication in this Full Moon Ritual, you will be able to uncover any blocks in communication on your end, and practice new skills and techniques that will not only help you to communicate better, but also attract those to you that you wish to communicate with. (If not against one’s will)

Use this time to examine how you communicate with others. What about your communication style would you like to change?

Burn a pale blue or yellow candle.

Write down everything you know about your communication style.

Meditate on your writings with your throat chakra crystals. (listed below)ffad5a4a70d8c701f70220c0d0afecd3

Use the energy of the candle to visualize how you would change the way you relate to others. Work consciously on this for one week. Eventually, you will communicate more effectively, and people will respond to you more favourably.

Throat Chakra & Communication

The throat chakra is where we open to higher wisdom, our higher selves and our souls. It is where we connect to guides and other energetic forces. It is the source of our personal and spiritual pride. A clear, balanced and strong chakra is needed to assert our aspirations and manifest our intentions. People with vital and balanced throat chakras communicate well and are able to articulate their aspirations and speak their truth.

Communication-quote-2014-new-february-march-april-quotesThe throat chakra governs the throat, vocal cords, neck and cervical vertebrae, esophagus, thyroid, parathyroids, hypothalamus, mouth, teeth and ears. Throat chakra imbalances can manifest in thyroid
problems, swollen glands, sore throats, speech problems, sinus or ear infections or pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and arms.

When people are really stuck or blocked, there is usually a connection to this chakra. People with throat chakra dysfunctions have a difficult time expressing themselves, and this difficulty can manifest in a number of ways. As with all the other chakras, a person’s dysfunction can be inward (yin) or outward (yang).

People with a yin type of throat chakra dysfunction can lock their feelings, thoughts and opinions up inside. They often say that they feel like they aren’t being heard or that they refrain from speaking their minds because they fear the possible repercussions for others or themselves. Shame, doubt and resentment are common sentiments of this type of throat chakra imbalance.

People who have the yang type of throat chakra imbalance tend to have more outward expression. They can be talkers, conversation interrupters and poor listeners. A person with yang throat chakra dysfunction might be called closed minded, doesn’t listen, isn’t open to others views, resists reflection and change and is often times judgemental.

Throat Chakra ColourCommunication

The colour associated with the throat chakra is Blue. Blue is the symbol of inspiration, devotion, infinity and religious goals. It produces calm and peace. The throat chakra is the focusing point of the spoken word, and the expression of feelings via communication.

Throat Chakra Healing Crystals

All the blue stones – sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, chrysocolla and sodalite.


Throat Chakra Affirmations

I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.
I have a right to speak my truth.
I communicate my feelings with ease.
I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.
I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.
I nourish my spirit through creativity.
I live an authentic life.
I have integrity.
I love to share my experiences and wisdom.
I know when it is time to listen.
I express my gratitude towards life.
I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.
I take good care of my physical body.
I am at peace.


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