Simple Grounding & Centering Techniques

 meditation-wallpaper-4Grounding & Centering is the most important part of any spiritual work and I think it should be part of your daily routine.  As we go about our normal day, we brush aura’s with many different types of people, with different kinds of issues.  Some have health issues, emotional issues, anger issues, relationship issues, etc…  We all (yes you do too) carry around this energy with us and is is in our energy field for others to pick up on.  When we have contact with others during the day, we pick up these less than higher vibrations as they stick to our aura. If you are around people who are angry, or negative and you suddenly become grumpy yourself for no reason…it’s time to ground and clear your energy.

Grounding is simple and you can do it anywhere.  When you practice and become good at it, you can ground yourself anywhere, around anyone, and no one will know, but you will not be affected by others mood, energy, or behavioral hooks.  If you feel scatter brained, tired, drained, or depressed, you may just need to spend some time grounding and centering yourself. Being depleted of essential energy can cause any and more of these symptoms.

Without grounding to assure you have the proper amount of necessary energy, attempting magical work can result in feeling “burned out,” fatigued, or depressed afterwards. Grounding also balances your energy levels by allowing you to drain any excess, chaotic energy that you may have. Neglecting to ground excess energy and return it to its source can result in irritability, nervous tension, or headache.

When you have mastered this simple but effective exercise, you can use it every day.  Try changing the color of the grounding cord to bring in different qualities or feelings. When you create your grounding cord, cut it and create another one.  This is a great meditation to practice. Creating cords, adding colour, then cutting it off and creating a new one.  This strengthens your psychic and visualization skills allowing you to super charge with grounding energies.  When you are traveling in a car imagine the grounding cord running along with you, keeping you continuously connected to the Earth.  When you are lying down visualize the cord either bending down from your root chakra or simply going straight down, whichever seems simpler.

During Reiki or healing sessions, the Grounding Cord exercise also works to not only anchor us to the Earth, but also to release any unwanted energy that may be triggered by the healing.  Ideally, we as healers will not take on anything muddled or stagnant from a client, but sometimes it can happen.  By using the Grounding Cord exercise as a way to release excess energy, we can aim to not take on anything from our clients.


ImageImagine that you are a tree. Picture your feet as roots that grow deep into the Earth. Feel the stable, secure energy of the Earth feed and nourish you. Let this energy rise up from your feet and slowly move up your entire body until it reaches the crown of your head. Allow this energy to empower you. Feel the energy course through your entire being and back down to the Earth. Allow the energy to flow through a continuous cycle from the Earth, through you, and back to the Earth again for several minutes.

While keeping your eyes closed, take three deep cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Other great ways to ground include:

  •  Using crystals like obsidian, hematite, or onyx. These heavier stones will give you a direct connection to the more solid aspects of the Earth.Image
  • Lighting incense or herbs to evoke our connection with smell.
  • Drumming or playing any kind of rhythmic instrument provides you a chance to connect with the Earth.
  • Eating heavier foods, such as meat, bread, or potatoes, roots like carrots or beets that will nourish the body and give you an extra boost of minerals.
  • Dancing, walking, hiking, and moving the body will reconnect you with your heartbeat.
  • More Gratitude, Less Attitude; remembering to be thankful for all the abundance we encounter each day helps us to be more present, grounded, and focused


As you go about your daily routine, you may leave your energy or “bits of yourself” in various places.  It can be left with the person you had an outburst with, you child you sent to school with a bit of a cold, the annoying co-worker that sucked some of it up trying to get attention etc… you get it. Centering brings all of these bits back to you where they belong and make you whole and connected again.

Centering is the technique of pulling your energy to your body’s “center,” which is regarded as your seat of power. This point is located in your solar plexus area around and near your navel. Centering is important because it aligns this central chakra, and thus helps you attain inner calm and clear your mind of distraction. Effective centering enables you to gain a feeling of serenity and of being one with the Universe.

Centering should be done when your energy levels are balanced and should always be done immediately after grounding. It is performed for the same situations as grounding, including ritual, Spell casting, meditation, devotional work, or when you’re angry, upset, or stressed.


1) Visualize a ball of white light floating in the air above your head.  This is the anchor of the pillar.  Focus on the positive energy of the light.  Feel the love, strength and peace of it radiating over you, like a miniature sun.

2 ) Visualize the ball of light descending onto the top of your head, changing color as it activates a purple glow that surrounds and fills the crown of your head.  The light continues to move downward.  Follow it as the purple shifts toward blue, radiating this color most strongly as it passes over your throat.  Then it continues downward, picking up yellow tones until it becomes green over your heart.  The light continues from there, down the central line of your body, becoming more and more yellow, until it is a bright yellow sun radiating from your solar plexus.  The yellow mutes with red Imagetones as it slides lower, turning orange as it reaches the sacrum, in the lower stomach region, then losing all yellow cast as it becomes red around the pelvic and root area of the body.  The pillar continues down, anchoring again into the ground.  This sets the chakra centers of the body, and centers your energy from a focal point.

3) Visualize all the bits and pieces of scattered energy that you left with people or places coming back to your energy field. You are connected and whole.


1) Feel the light totally surround your body, covering you, enclosing you in its protective wings. Now the light forms a bubble, extending to about 1 meter around your whole body starting at the top of your head. It is like a strong elastic white bubble that is full of universal energy and protection. Every cell of your body is being bathed by light; nothing can enter here without your say so.

2) State your intent that any energies that do not have your highest good be re-bounded back to their source.  Energies, and beings that have your highest good as their intent be allowed into this bubble of light. Only allow in all positive energy in any form in this bubble.

3) Feel these energies as they slip into your bubble of light and acknowledge their presence with a Thank You. Allow them to leave gently and without regret and then state your intent that the bubble remain around you for the remainder of the day, even when you consciously forget its Presence.

As with any meditation the real point of this practice is to focus your intent


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