Cutting Psychic Cords

Cutting cords doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you or care about you anymore.” Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships. It simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Remember, fear is the opposite of love, and etheric cords (and all attachments) are created from fear”. Doreen Virtue

How do you know where and with whom you have a cord?

Most of us don’t ever ‘cut the cord’ of energy between ourselves and another – and energy cords are created
in nearly every close, emotional, or karmic interaction we have. You likely have an energy cord with your mother, siblings, friends, partner, co workers, and or someone you are currently in conflict with!

However, the nature of, strength, and benefit of each cord varies from day to day and from relationship to relationship. How can you tell if you have a cord with someone?

You can tell if you have an energy cord if you are preoccupied with an issue, situation, conservation, belief system, judgement, or attitude that belongs to someone else. Can’t ‘get over’ something? Chances are, there’s a cord linking you to this person, place or thing. You can also tell if you have a cord if you have a great amount of love, affection, and compassionate feelings for another. Basically, an energy cord is created between two people where an energetic exchange occurred – usually formed by an exchange of emotions or thought forms.

Since energy travels regardless of time and space, it’s important to remember that you can even have an energy cord between yourself and someone who you have never met – someone who knows about you or someone you interacted with on the internet! And, creating a cord can often take less than a minute – had an uncomfortable encounter with an angry shopper at your business, and still thinking about it? There may have been a cord created!

Consider these questions . . .

Currently obsessing over a fight you had yesterday?

Wondering what’s going on with your ex?

Becoming influenced by the belief systems of your parents?

Feeling judged by one of your co-workers?

Can’t stop feelings of anxiety about an upcoming interview?

– It may be time to cut some of those cords! –

But, cords can be beneficial, too!

Have you ever felt the need to call your best friend, only to find they call you first?

Just got into a new relationship, and feel the love building and strengthening for this person, even when they are not around?

Feel a strong bond for your daughter, son, or sister that was built out of love and protection?

These are cords you might want to keep, and maintain!

When should you get rid of a cord?

It’s time to get rid of a cord (cord cutting) whenever it is inhibiting the growth of you as a soul or preventing you from ‘moving forward’ in your life.

The most important thing to remember about ‘cutting a cord’, is that you aren’t ending a relationship – per se. While you can certainly have that intention, to end a relationship, the main purpose of cord cutting is to terminate an unhealthy or no-longer-serving energetic exchange. Got in a fight with a loved one, and want to heal the relationship? Cut the cord that connect the two of you in this fight.

If you are becoming distracted, obsessed, anxious, worried, jealous, or influenced by another – it’s time to “end” the interaction between you and this person. Hence, cutting the energy cord. In fact, it’s very healthy to ask your spirit guide to ‘cut all cords’ with another person once the energetic exchange is over. The reason for this is that when a conversation ends, the energy that is exchanged between those involved isn’t necessarily terminated – unless that intention is set! If you are someone who becomes preoccupied with interactions between yourself and others – it may be a good practice for you to ‘cut the cord’ of energy after each interaction. This could help you focus on your life more in present time, and release any previous encounters you’ve had!

Remember: Once you identify the cord and cut it – you can always rebuild and restore it, if you would like. It’s not about a relationship ‘ending’ – it’s just ending a single interaction.

How to Cut Cords with Someone

1. Identify it

Find a comfortable seat with your feet flat on the ground, and your palms face up on your lap. Once there, close your eyes and set the intention that you are going to ‘scan’ yourself for energy cords. Imagine, visualize, or sense, a small version of you standing in front of you. Ask your spirit guides and angels (or any divine being that you connect with) to show you any energy cords in your aura.

If you have trouble visualizing, simply sense and feel where there is an energetic pull on you – are you feeling a tug on your heart? A sinking feeling in your cut? A choking on your throat? There may be an energy cord one of these spots! You likely already know who or what is pulling on your energy.

Once there, with your imagination and your knowingness, “follow” the cord back to it’s source. Imagine yourself looking to see – where does this cord go? Who does this link to? A name, thought, or image may come to mind. Trust it.

2. Examine it

After you identify the cord, examine it. What does it look like? Is it a tangled wire? Does it look like an energy vortex? Is it bright and golden? Is it big or small? Is it strong and secure, or weak and barely hanging on? Keep your eyes closed here and imagine or sense what it looks like. What does it feel like to you? An energy pull? An energy drain? A loving link?

Does the cord look and feel healthy to you or not? If the cord looks and feels unhealthy, it is time to cut this cord.

If the cord looks healthy and loving – and in YOUR highest and greatest good – you can choose to keep it or to release it.

3. Cut it!

If you choose to cut the cord, ask, in your mind or out loud, or the assistance of your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel . . .and then select a tool! In order to ‘cut the cords’ you’ll need a way to remove the cords. Are you going to have a giant golden knife? Big Scissors? Ask your Spirit Guides or Angel to tug and rip the cord out of you by hand? Pick a tool or a method for the cord to be removed.

Once selected, visualize the cord being cut with giant scissors, a golden knife, or being tugged out of your body – string by string. Whatever method you select, watch, feel and observe while you visualize and imagine this happening with your eyes closed. See your body in front of you, and the energy cord being released from your field. When the last string is cut, see the cord falling and retracting all the way back from which it came – the person, the earth, or the Divine –  until you can no longer see it.

Then, set the intention that the energetic exchange between you and X now, whole, complete, and ended in the past, present, and for the future.

The cord is now cut. Simple as that!

4. Follow-up

Once you cut the cord, be aware that the person with whom you have cut this cord will be energetically aware this has happened. While they may not consciously realize anything happened – their spirit will know. Usually, if you cut a cord with someone who wanted to keep the cord – such as a needy ex or other dependant person – it’s likely they’ll want to re-attach the cord. Simply be aware of this.

How can they do this? Simple – just create and have an energetic exchange with you. They can think about you (and in turn, you will think about them), they could text or call you, send you a message, or get a friend to contact you. If you’d like to keep the cord cut, you’ll want to resist interacting with this person in any way until they ‘get the hint’ that you aren’t interested in engaging and being attached to their energy.

Regardless of this, the cord may become reattached – maybe you thought about this person or they thought about you – or you ‘gave in’ and replied to their email! Either way, if this happens, you will feel it and you’ll want to recut the cord, using the same technique above. Sometimes, especially after the ending of a relationship, you may have to ‘cut cords’ with that person more than 20 times!

Once a cord is cut, I always like to send this person pink healing and loving light in order to ‘seal the cut’ and send compassion. If you would like to do this, simply visualize whitish pink light shining down on them from above, as though a spiritual window has opened from the Other Side (Heaven), and sending it’s love down to them. Do not send YOUR energy to them in the form of love and healing light – this might encourage cord reattachment!

*Some content sited from Amanda Linette Meder

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