Moon Phase Correspondants

Incorporating the Moon Phases into your spell work, goal setting, or intention setting Paper Moongives it an extra oomph. Each stage of the moon has a different energy associated with it. When you incorporate the natural ebb and flow of natures cycles into your magickal practice, you will see quicker results.

You don’t have to get complicated with it. It’s very simple. In general, anything done in conjunction with the new moon is for attraction. Whatever you want to manifest, this is the time to do it. Need a new job? Want a new lover? Need some quick cash? This is the best time to put that out there.  Full Moon spells include releasing anything you want to purge out of your life. End a relationship, stop bad habits, or release feelings at this time.

Here is a list of the stages of the moon, and what type of spell work coordinates with each. As always, have fun with it!

NEW MOON:  (starts at the exact New Moon and runs to 3 ½ days following) Spells for health, beauty, self-improvement, love, romance, employment, creative ventures, new projects.

WAXING CRESCENT MOON: (3 ½ to 7 days after New Moon) Spells involving healing, love, good luck, animals, business, change,  sex related and any positive magick.

FIRST QUARTER MOON: (7 to 10 ½ days after New Moon) Spells for friends, luck, courage, motivation, elemental magick.

GIBBOUS MOON: (10 ½ to 14 days after New Moon) Spells for peace, courage, patience, harmony.

FULL MOON:  (14 to 17 ½ days after New Moon) Spells involving fertility, spirit conjuring, increase psychic ability, artistic endeavors, health, beauty, children, decisions, knowledge, love, romance, money, motivation, protection, self-improvement, and dream spells.
(As you can see, the Full Moon is a good time for pretty much any spell!)

WANING DISSEMINATING MOON: (3 ½ to 7 days after Full Moon) Destructive spells, hexes, reverse love spells, addictions, stress, protection, ending bad relationships and undoing negative forces.

LAST QUARTER MOON: (7 to 10 ½ days after Full Moon) Spells for addictions, divorce, banishing, removing health problems, protection, stress, ancestors, endings.

DARK/BALSAMIC MOON (10 ½ days to 14 days after Full Moon) Spells for addictions, change, enemies,justice, divorce, obstacles, removal, quarrels, stopping  theft  and stalkers.

Moon phases

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