Spring Cleaning Conjure

Spring is one of my favorite seasons! Storms are a brewing, nature’s turning green again, and it’s time to open the windows and clean out all that stuffy winter air and clutter. Every year I go through my closets and drawers and donate clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., that I don’t use or want anymore. Clutter holds onto stagnant energy, and letting go of those clothes that “I might fit into in 3 months” is freeing and makes room for new things and fun shopping sprees!

Energy cleansing is a regular part of my routine, and house/store cleansing is always top 8-Amazing-Benefit-of-Burning-Incense-That-You-Never-Knewon my list. I like a comfortable, flowing energetic environment that is pleasing to the senses, relaxing, and safe. Incorporating simple conjure into your routine will result in big results. Even if you only do one or two things, you will notice a difference.

Incorporating spiritual cleansing into your regular house cleansing routine is very easy. You can even incorporate personal cleansing ritual into your daily routine that doesn’t take a lot of time. In fact, when you add spiritual cleansing to your normal routine, you will notice a difference on how you feel, sleep and think.

RW_CHARMEWATERSI always light candles as I clean. Depending on the purpose of the clean, you can dress and bless your candle accordingly. If you are focused on a new start, you can use cut & clear herbs & oils to dress your candle. If you want energy cleansing, you can do a spiritual cleansing candle, or an all purpose VanVan. I will use short candles that will burn out by the time I’m done cleaning, and then I will dress new candles that will draw in blessing and protection after the cleansing is done. You always want to refill your space with positive, high vibes and blessings, leaving it empty will create a void and will feel empty.

After I put things away and get rid of clutter, I begin by clearing the energy in the rooms. I go through each room and use a bell or drum in the corners to break up anything that IMG_8736is stuck. After that, I use a herbal mixture to do an initial smoke cleans. You can use a sage bundle, copal & dragon’s blood mixture, or palo santo. Make sure you open all the closets, cupboards and get the smoke in all the nooks and crannies.

After I do an initial smudging, I then start scrubbing everything down from dusting and furniture. Simple things like adding Florida water to a vinegar cleaning spray will clear and bless the surfaces you use it on. I sell sprays already mixed and charged at Smudge Metaphysical for house cleaning if you don’t feel like mixing your own.

Adding VanVan oil or floor wash to your bucket along with Pine Sol original, (washing from the back to the front) will do an all purpose energy cleanse throughout your home. If you have stubborn stagnant energy or have been under a lot of stress or psychic attack, you can wash your floors down with a banishing or hex breaker wash. For a strong protective floor wash, brew Smudge brand Protection Herbal Mix into a strong tea and add it to your water with some Pine Sol (pine smell). As you cleanse pray to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to ward off your enemies and to surround your house with a fiery wall of protection to keep seen and unseen enemies out. Always take your bucket of water and dump at a crossroads, towards the rising sun, over your left shoulder, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And walk away without looking back.

12717356_825961600847167_8754445595068810763_nAfter you are done cleaning, your house will smell and feel fantastic! I always run through with a final herbal burn for blessing, love and peace, while I burn a dressed candle for the same.

Adding mojo bags, crystals, amulets and using sigils for protection around your home will help hold that energy in your space while you are going about your day. As you add magickal herbs, oils, and prayer to your house cleansing routine, you will notice a mental and physical difference, and the energy will stay lighter longer.

You can do spiritual house cleansing for any situation you are in. If you are looking for love, you can add rose water, or attraction oil or wash to your water. When you are wanting to attract anything (like love & money), wash your floors from the front to the back of the house. You can also add oils, soaps and sprays to your daily routine to stay attuned to your desire.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. As you go about your normal routine, give it a boost by adding a bit of conjure. You never know, you might just get your hearts desire.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical, an eclectic spiritual store & destination in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a spiritual practitioner of over 15 years, I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magical practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I create many of my own products that are based in my practice of Hoodoo, Root work & Witchcraft. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015" & Award of Recognition from the Hiatus House. A portion of my sales every month go to the Hiatus House to help women & children break the cycle of abuse with shelter, community aide & education. I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magical skills via my shop.

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