New Moon Magick

wpid-imag0574 (1)The New Moon occurs right after the Dark Moon. It’s the point where the waning and waxing moon meet. A New Moon is the perfect time to set new goals and intentions. If you did a letting go ritual with the Full Moon (waning), and then reflected on your changes during the Dark Moon, then you are ready to welcome in all kinds of new and wonderful things into your life!

As the moon waxes (gets bigger) to the full moon, so will your intentions come to fruition. When you get into the ebb and flow of the moon cycles, and incorporate the energy into your goal setting, you will get big results. Be aware that doing so can get very overwhelming since it takes time to adjust to change and changing every two weeks is overwhelming if you are actually doing the work.

Manifesting is the fun part of magick. We all want pretty new things, new love, money and so on. As with doing any ritual, I always tell people to do what you feel compelled to do, as that is your intuition talking. Here is a simple New Moon ritual you can try. Always incorporate your own special items, traditions and tools to make this time special and meaningful to yourself.

As always, you want to prepare your energetic work space.

  1. Smudging.  I always smudge with herbs and resins I intuitively choose, but keeping it simple and using white sage, or palo santo is also effective.
  2. Create your Circle. Always ground yourself and surround your space in a protective energetic barrier, allowing only what you call into your space. I always add on “for my greatest good” also to my circle casting.
  3. Intentions.  Words are powerful, and writing them down takes the thought and puts it into physical form. Setting your thoughts into motion. When writing down your goals, let loose. If you want to make a million dollars next quarter, write it down. Be detailed and specific.
  4. Candle Magick. I always incorporate candle magick into everything. It works for me. Every time. When you add the energy of fire, you add energy and action. By focusing your thoughts and visions onto a candle and lighting it, you send that energy out by flame into the universe. I write my charms (or spells) out ,then place them under a candle. I love working with 7 day candles because it works the spell longer. Another favorite are the spell candles from Coventry. They work. And of course I sell both at Smudge.
  5. Added ingredients. As with all spell work, the more time and energy you put into it, the stronger the energy and the better the results. I always add herbs, oils, crystals, pictures, statues of Deities I’m working with, etc. Adding whiskey, cakes, herbs, tobacco to your altar also feeds the energy. (and your guides)
  6. Offerings. When you call in your guides, ancestors, deities etc. you must leave an offering. Always research before calling in any Deity (God, Goddess, Lao, etc) into your space. They all demand certain things for service, and you need to give them the right offerings out of respect. For basic workings I always have whiskey and breads on hand, or whatever my guides tell me they want. Always ask them, and always leave and offering.

New Moon intention and goal setting is fun and incorporating the energy will propeldepositphotos_78209488_m-2015.jpg your personal growth forward. As I always say “Be careful what you wish for.” When you weave a spell (and just covering yourself with essential oil and writing down your goals is spell weaving with less energy) you will get results. Be aware that to acquire something you don’t have, there is a reason for it, and that reason is something about yourself that is standing in your way. So if things get difficult after you do a spell, stop and listen. Its a message you need to take action on. For example, if you wish for a happy marriage and the one are in is not good for you, your spell can produce a breakup so you can go out and meet the person who is really going to make you happy. Remember, sometimes we don’t know what is best for us, but our guides do. So when you ask, they will deliver no matter what changes you need to go through to get it. The question is will you follow through? If so, hang on tight, there is always a bumpy ride when you do the work, but in the end it is always worth it.

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I am the proud owner of Smudge Metaphysical, an eclectic spiritual store & destination in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a spiritual practitioner of over 15 years, I teach others how to achieve their goals and heal themselves via magical practice, energy manipulation and spirit work. I create many of my own products that are based in my practice of Hoodoo, Root work & Witchcraft. I'm a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for "Best Little Retail Store 2015" & Award of Recognition from the Hiatus House. A portion of my sales every month go to the Hiatus House to help women & children break the cycle of abuse with shelter, community aide & education. I encourage personal power through your unique expression of self and spirit, and have created a safe space for others to develop their magical skills via my shop.

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