The difference between a Dark Moon & New Moon

Red sunset and moonWhat is the difference between the Dark and New Moon?Some people interchange the two, making it a bit confusing, so here is the difference between the two, and some ritual ideas to do on both.

The dark moon is the period when the moon isn’t visible in the sky. This moon lasts approximately 1-3 days, depending where you live. This marks the time between the end of the Waning Moon and the beginning of the Waxing Moon. This is the time when the moon is not illuminated at all by the sun.

The New Moon is when the moon is exactly in the middle of the Waning and Waxing phases, and marks the beginning of the Waxing Moon phase. The moon starts to show an illuminated crescent, the sign that the moon is again being illuminated by the Sun.

The Dark Moon has nothing to do with the implied good or evil concept people have, rather it’s a time of deep self reflection and time of introspect. Click Here for doing some personal growth on the Dark moon.

The New Moon, as it’s increasingly illuminated by the sun, is for creating, attracting, and new beginnings. It’s a time to set new goals, or add energy and recharge ones that are in motion already. Click Here for more information on ritual ideas for a New Moon.


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