We are the beautiful, magickal store on the corner in trendy Old Walkerville.

We carry Windsor’s largest selection of holistic, metaphysical and majickal items, and are expanding our selection weekly.

At Smudge we believe in personal power, and expressing that using your own individual and unique qualities, talents, and life path. We have products and supplies for many earth based religions such as Pagan, Wiccan, Hoodoo and Native.

Our house brand products are all natural, and made right here at Smudge. All natural soaps, magickal spell soap, healing and spell bath salt/herbal blends, essential oil blends, spell oil blends, and herbal spell mixes.

We offer free classes each week. It’s important to us to give the gift of knowledge, as this empowers those and propels them to stay motivated, positive, and progressive in their life.

We also offer advanced classes and intuitive readings that are given by tried and true professionals and practitioners.

Here at Smudge we offer quality, selection and community, in a warm, positive, beautiful environment. You deserve it!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

One thought on “About

  1. I keep being drawn into wanting to find more knowledge. I know very little. Wondering if you could be some guidance as to where to start.


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